Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad night last night. The ache continued, but started dying down to a very managable level. I told Sandy it's not that it hurts so much, it's that it hurts, you're tired and worn down and the bowels still aren't working properly.

The bowels are what made for the bad night. Suffice it to say when dawn broke I was more convinced than ever that we need to be aggressive about my bowel regime. I do NOT want to go through that again!

I got up around nine and took a rare morning shower, then got dressed and downstairs into the recliner. Slept there for a few hours while Sandy hung the lights outside in the freezing cold. I vacillated between sweating and freezing so my nap was fitful.

Had a nice ham sandwich for lunch and then got myself back upstairs to bed for a couple of hours. Jean came as I was heading up...while I was sleeping she decorated the house with our Santa collection and other decorations. The two of them also put the tree up...and it all looks beautiful!

I came down to admire their handiwork. We went outside for the lighting ceremony...Sandy wrapped LED lites around the porch and the posts out there, put the "reindeer" up on the side lawn and wrapped lites around the trees out there. She hung the red ribbons on the fence...that coupled with the candles in every window looks very, very nice!

Oh, I weighed myself tonight...Jean brought up a scale as we can't find ours since the move. I weighed 146...unbelievable! I had hoped to get down to 150...but I'm heading south of that! Don't might miss me!

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