Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meeting My Goals

Last night, as I was lying in bed, listening to the wind howl I had the realization that lately I have achieved a number of goals that I had set for myself.

First, I have wanted to get my weight down to aourn 150, for the past two years or so. I have exercised, watched my diet, etc...but it still stayed in the 165 area and I was getting ready to resign myself to the fact that I would never get back to 150. Well..right now I weigh 146...Sandy weighs only five pounds less! Who would have thunk? I know that I need to add some weight to this, muscle I have withered away in that department...but I don't think it's unrealistic to expect I can do that and stay in the 150 range!

I have also wanted to get more hours of sleep per night. I read an article about how your blood pressure, heart etc were helped by getting just a couple of hours more sleep a night. Well...lately I've been going to bed at 9pm, sometimes even earlier, rather than my usual 11-midnight routine. I have even been sleeping later into the morning...getting up at 9 instead of that goal is being met!

I have wanted to spend more time at home....I had been getting into a whirling vortex of working, appointments, meetings and running all over the place. Well, today I got in the car and went out for just the first time in a week! Much more time at home!

Even before the gas crisis I had been cutting back on unnecessary trips. My car is pretty fuel efficient, but those $50-60 fill-ups were killing me! Jean told me today that gas sells for something like $1.70 per gallon! Well..the last time I filled the Camry it cost me $3.27 a gallon! So, you can see, I have really cut down on my trips! I think the last time I filled the car was at the end of October and here we are..almost Christmas! Pretty darned good if I do say so myself!

Another big goal I had for myself was to get ovarian cancer, or something like it, just to see how I would handle the news, the chemo, etc. You a test of self, willpower, etc. Oh wait....that was never one of my goals!

Never mind!

Went out this AM to get my blood drawn. I told the tech to get used to seeing me, I'll be there every Wednesday from now on. She was very nice and assured me that she would get the results faxed to my doctor's office by noon each Wednesday. It took so much energy just walking into the building, standing there while they fiddled and diddled with my paperwork, that I started to doze as she was drawing the tubes of blood! I'm sure it won't be like that everytime...but today sure was draining.

I'm at the point following chemo where my blood counts are going to be at their lowest. This is when I have to avoid people who are sick and I have to rest a lot. Unfortunatly, Sandy brought a cold home from we are avoiding breathing on each other.

For the next couple of days I might not post here...the lure of the bed is strong my friend!

Of course, last night as soon as it started blowing and raining...the leak was back in the bedroom...drip drip drip. It should get worse today as it is really going to blow and POUR! The guy who swore he would be out to take a look never did of course. For all the talk of tradespeople looking for work we haven't been successful in getting any of them to come for electrical work that needs to be done and now for the roof! If they played their cards right, they might get a whole roofing job out of us! But hopefully, it's just a bad shingle or flashing or something like that. We just need SOMEONE who knows what they are doing to come take a look! Until then we'll be listening to the drip drip drip into the bucket in the bedroom!

May that be the worst thing that happens to us!

Now, back to achieving more of my goals!

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Marieps said...

You are a laugh riot! Like my goal of being over 200 lbs before I started taking it seriously........har, har!