Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weird thing. If I take a drink while I'm eating...I can't eat anything else. I have to remember to NOT drink! I got up last night and sat downstairs for a few hours. That wore me right out...took all my strength to drag my ass back upstairs..but after lying in bed for an hour or so and I'm rejuvenated.

Up and down many times in the hours between 1am and 5am...peeing my little heart out. GOOD!!! I keep drinking, forcing the fluids. Again, that's my job now.

Jean spent the night and was happy that the dogs didn't get up until 6 this AM and went right back to bed with me after they went out to pee! Even Truman snuggled up with me, not interested in staying downstairs, looking for breakfast!

Bubbles has been so faithful to me...she stays snuggled right up against my left leg...sometimes licking me, but mostly being a comfort to me. When I get back in bed, chilled from being up in the bathroom, I put my hand on her back and warm myself up. She is so sweet.

Got phone calls from Scott, Janet and Mike today. It was good to talk with them and I wish I could tell them to come over, but I get so tired. I think tomorrow Bob and Mike will come for a visit...haven't seen them in ages it seems. I'm hoping I'm up to a visit anyway. Maybe I can stay upstairs and they can come up to see me..then go back down to visit with Sandy...if I'm too tired that is. Who knows how I will feel tomorrow? Today I feel a lot stronger than yesterday.

I'm watching the Huskies play football against Pitt...and Pitt just scored, dammnit!
There's still time for UConn to come back though...

Things are pretty exciting in the neighborhood with Ty Pennington and Co. right down the road in Voluntown, for Extreme Home Makeover. They are building a new house for the family who's house burned down, then they went into foreclosure due to no fault of their own and then the father and son drowned. I can't think of anyone who deserves the makeover more than they do!

It's been very inspiring to hear about all the businesses and individuals who are volunteering and donating to make it happen. They have to build a house in two days! Unbelievable! I can't wait to see it on the tv and to see it in person too.

Well..I better close my eyes for awhile and take a little nap while I listen to the game...or else I'll be in trouble with Sandhead when she wakes up. She'll know what I've been up to!

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MarieS said...

Annie, I have friends praying for you who I haven't even met -- some of my online Weight Watcher friends. Also some "real" friends. I have been wearing my Relay for Life shirt to Zumba and the gym, and an oncology doctor (female) from Holyoke commented on it. Some have said they have made SUCH GREAT progress in O-cancer in the last decade or so. "Fight Back" as the shirt says, and you sure are!!!

I will have two hats in the mail either tomorrow or Monday. Then I have pale blue yarn left, and that's it unless you make a special request.

Love YA -- Marie and Don too! (who went to the Pitt game but Marie wimped out and did parent-eldercare chores)