Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night I issued a call to my "peeps" for good vibes coming my way to help me PEE!

Well...after I wrote that, I shut the computer off and did all my banging around with my poles and bags and such, getting ready to go to bed. I got in the bed feeling pretty down. I talked to my nurse Christina about it and told her I'm just going to "let it go"....not worry about the friends would take care of it for me.

Sure enough, the next time she came in the room....I was peeing more! And today I'm really putting it out...they say I'll probably get the catheter out today...and they are talking about me going home TOMORROW! YAY! My goals for today: get the catheter out, work on my breathing exercises and pass gas...which SHOULD be easy for me, but isn't lately!

I may be asking for gas vibes from my pals next....the last treatment I got from you was so effective, I'm feeling I can't go wrong!

They took the dressing off my looks GREAT! BIG...but great! Nice and clean, no red spots, no signs of irritation.

I'm still pretty swollen with fluid and it's moving down and it has decreased around my shoulders, chest and arms, the stomach is still very distended and it pushes on my stitches, makes it burn a bit.

Still, I'm making it on Tylenol Extra Strength, which apparently the docs don't believe! I don't want dopey stuff and except for being very sore, I'm fine with the tylenol.

I'm going to try to get a little stroll in before my breakfast comes. That will get the pee going some more and may help loosen up some gas.

Thanks to all who sent me a good thought about peeing...I know it's distasteful(to some)...but I really needed it! AND IT WORKED! If we keep this joint effort going I"m going to be disease free in record time!

Okay, enough celebrating now, I have work to do. Got breathe and fart. Just like being back at work! HA HA!


Marieps said...

OK, good thoughts to help you pass gas. Got it! Good to hear about the peeing part and I'll keep checking for your discharge status. You may want to post visitation guidelines for once you get home. I know the fambly will want to see you and Karin would probably drive me down (accompanied by Cathy-Jane is busy all weekend). But we don't want to tire you guys out so give all the well wishers some guidance about that! Love you! Marieps

bakerbeaker said...

Pass that Gas, Pass that GAS.

Martine said...

Annie....your such a "little pissa"....Just pass the gas already!!

As they say in "MadaGAScar", "move it, move it"....!!!

love ya,

Pixie said...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Let's hear some farts.....
...PEE YEWWW !!!!
LOve ya , PIXIE
May the Stink be with You..LOL LOL

SueBear said...


So, pass the ginger.
Pass the gas.
It's much better
Than a pain in the...