Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My goal for today is to get up and walk! YAY! They won't remove the pee bag, as I'm not "putting out enough"... I've tried to tell them that the same thing happened when I had the bypass surgery...that if they pull that tube, I'll be peeing for an hour...but they won't listen.

So, I'll still walk, but I'm going to drag that bag up and down the corridor...to get them to say uncle and take it out!

They finally brought up my little breathing thingy...the one where you inhale, etc. Well, I've been working on that and it has suceeded in making my incision hurt! NICE JOB! The breathing is getting better, though, for putting myself through that and it is one of the most important jobs I can do for myself right now.

The docs were just here on morning rounds. Said I look great, no I can't have the urine tube pulled, said I could go on regular diet! I said I wouldn't mind soft to start...like yogurt. They will make that happen for me.

I told them my reading audience needs vital stats; How many stitches, staples, etc.

The said there are only two stitches...isn't that weird. They anchor the stitch and then wrap the "thread" around and around all the way up. On the outside I have at least 30 staples which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think I had 20 for my bypass and that was a short incision line.

I will measure the line when they get the dressing off and will post it for those of you who are "demanding" the details.

This AM they woke me up to do something or other and just as I was dozing back to sleep I had the brilliant idea of wearing my military uniform jacket when I come back for chemo sessions! In keeping with my going to war analogy...I'll be the deskbound general who commands the troops while clad in my Class A uniform.

I still have it and it fits now that I've dropped the weight!

I think it would be a nice touch...it would mean something powerful to me and it might help to scare the bad cells!

I'm going to call Sandy now and see if she is coming up here today to get me up and out of bed.

My favorite nurse (they are ALL GOOD, but this one's my fav) is working today so I know we'll get a lot of information and we'll get a lot of things accomplished! It's shaping up to be a great day!

I see the sun is shining out there...looks a lot nicer than yesterday. Enjoy!

Oh...and it was good to see the Pats beat Buffalo yesterday (sorry Dee!)

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