Sunday, November 9, 2008 I am, spending my nights in Rhode Island! Who would have thunk it? I never had the urge to overnight in Rhody, unless it was at the beach! I'm here at a wonderful place...Women's and Infant's Hospital.

The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Jean can't get over how much time they spend with me...listening, answering my questions...involving me in what's going on with me.

I'm going to use this journal to document this journey. I'll encourage folks to subscribe so I don't have to send out a hundred emails! I can't remember who I responded to and what I told who!

Today's update: The sun is shining and I got up early, had them disconnect from the umbilical cords that keep me tied to the bed and I got walking. That helped with the gas a bit.

Then the doctors came in....said I have to get ready for surgery tomorrow, but no guarantee. So bowel prep here we come...something I eagerly anticipate, in my current state! Then Dr. LaChance did a pelvic on me.....OUCH! It is swollen and unhappy up in dere! Must be from the fluids pressing on everything. Final insult...rectal exam...DOUBLE OWIE!! Thankfully it was brief.

Marcia, my nurse from yesterday is back on duty today. I love her, though all of them are wonderful. She's a year younger than me and we fool around, picking on each other. They work three 12 hour shifts a week, so you really get to know each other, which makes it nice.

Okay, more news when I have some more to share. I told Sandy to stay home today...she's going to go to Ryan's football game.

I can sleep if she's not coming. She'll be here at 6:30 tomorrow morning...just in case.

I'm hoping I get into surgery tomorrow. Not looking forward to the aftermath...but at least we'll be on our way to knowing what we are dealing with. breakfast is here...gotta eat!


coffeekiosk said...

I love you!!! Get better soon!

Pixie said...

Hey Miss Anne, Pixie here with some love ! Some snag going on in your life.!!!! So not fair. You know if I were there I would be driving you around! Then we would end up at lunch some where for sure! LOL. Tom and I are coming home for Christmas, 22nd to 27th.. I will see you for sure. Our prayers and of wishful thoughts that this will just be a quick blurb in your life. I love you..a lot.!!!!! and Sandy too!.