Friday, November 14, 2008

Another miserable night last night that left me wiped out this AM. MY nurse, Marcia (MY FAVORITE) came in, took one look at me and said, "you need TLC today." To which I almost started crying. They got me into the shower, changed up and back into bed until Sandy and Janet arrived.

Sandy had concerns she wanted to discuss with the docs, who weren't coming around until 5:00. In the meantime, I pretty much laid in bed, in discomfort from the gas, which I did start to pass on the toilet this AM as soon as the docs left from their rounds. It wasn't enough the walking and doing the PTe excercises helped stir things up.

It was funny watching Sandy, Janet and I lined up against the radiator, all of us doing the exercises. It was like they coudldn't bear to just sit and watch me do them! My jazzercize buddies!

After the walk, I'd get on the toidy...Sandy would run the water and we would all send good vibes my abdomen's way, hoping for the winds to blow through...AND THE DID! ABOUT SEVEN TIMES! Still below the national average. Did you know that the average American farts 12 times a day? Even Hillary farts (oh...excuse me...even our next Secretary of State) farts...12 times a day.

Of course, my usual has got to be three times the national average...but I'm not shooitng for that...just a solid increase in what I have been doing.

Then I complained again about my mouth and asked the girls to look in it to see what they could see. It was filled with thrush, an infection that has left my tonque swollen with nodules all over it, my gums burning, etc. We showed Marcia who promptly had pharmacy mix up super magic mouthwash....I swish and swallow that four times a day now and it should help tremendously. Great stuff!

Desparate to get comfortable and to get some gas moving...Sandt and Janet helped me log roll onto my left side for awhile...the gas pain was trapped in my rib cage and I had to say a few "owies" for awhile. Then I rolled to my right, repeated the "owie" routine and then they got me up and onto the pot. I sat there rubbing my hands across my back, down my sides and then into my abdomen and then told it to "run free"....It exploded! So loud Janet and Sandy could hear it over the still running water! They broke into did I.

Now I woke up a bit ago and go up to make this entry. The gas pain is minimal...and now they've plowed me with more pain meds and a sleeping I would guess I'll be able to sleep like a babe tonight!

They are now talking Tuesday for my return home. I don't think I'm ready to go tomorrow...but Sunday might be do-able. My bloodwork is all good. Whenever I get to go home...the pups are going to be nuts! And Mr. Murphy will either be all friendly, or will smack me!

Sandy took more pictures. I hope to download them to the computer tomorrow and post them here. Makes this whole blab blab blab thing more interesting!

Nighty night!

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MarieS said...

I get quite a visual as it is!! LOL -- your writing is quite explicit. I laughed out loud at the Hilary comment!!

You go girl, you'll be feelin' better real soon -- gotta get your strength up for the WMD!!!