Sunday, November 9, 2008

Okay it's time to shut off the electronics and get to sleep...big day tomorrow.

I have my laptop, my cell phone and my Sirius radio with me here in the hospital...big difference from my last stay! The day flies by with these "toys"...I keep the classical music playing on the computer to help me sleep and I keep in touch with everyone thru the "intranets" as W would say.

I have probably one more round of doody time and then I'm done for the night.

Reverend Joanie came to see me tonight..was I surprised to see her come through the door! She and Sandy had arranged to surpise me. Joanie gave me a blessing and said a prayer over me. She put some oil on me that smells really nice. It felt was as if I could actually feel the support of all my family and friends. Wild!

So, I won't post again until after the surgery. It may not be until Tuesday, so be patient...I know it will be like waiting for the next Harry Potter book, but we must be patient! When I do post it will probably be a bunch of ENJOY!

Thanks for the balloons Sue, they hit the spot too! They have kitties and doggies on them...very cute!

Nighty night all.

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