Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't know why, but I could not sleep last night. Stayed up until 3am, listening to the police band on my iPhone, eavesdropping on all the crime in Eastern CT.

I slept until 1pm this afternoon. Got up and had my breakfast on the deck, lounging in the I've wanted to do for what seems like ages! It was great, reading the paper out there, getting a little tan on my bald head!

Speaking of my head, Sandy told me yesterday that the back of my head has black fuzz on it. The top of my head and the sides (that I can see) is white fuzz. So, my hair looks like Bob Miller's hair. He is white on top and black on the sides and back. I held up a mirror and checked out the back last night in the big mirror. Sandy is absolutely right. I have black hair!b

I always did have black hair in the back, but you couldn't see it because it was underneath the blond. I hope the blond comes back to cover it this time too. I don't want to look like the Jack Russells!

I don't know if I've mentioned it here...I believe I have, but I have this "thing" that happens to me over the past few years. I will think about someone (usually in the middle of the night) someone who I haven't thought of in a long time. A few days later I find out that they have died...usually within hours before I had thought of them.

Well, Wednesday night, when I had to come downstairs in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep, I dozed off for a little bit in the recliner. When I woke up, I suddenly thought of Norma Dallaire. This really scared me as I haven't thought of her for awhile. I had seen her house listed in the real estate magazine for sale last year and didn't know if she had sold the house and moved.

I told Sandy about she would be my witness that I had had this thought about Norma.

Today I'm reading the obituaries and I grazed over this one woman's obit. Something told me to go back and read I did. I noticed the name of her first husband, Joe Dallaire....she was Norma's mother-in-law!!! And guess when she died? Wednesday....hours before I thought of Norma! I am SO RELIEVED...but totally mystified as to why this happens with me. It has happened a few times already and I don't know what it's all about.

I had another (less important) thought the other day. I was trying to remember when was the last time we bought potatoes. It was last summer, when I bought them for Roxie to make potato salad for our Open House. And I can't remember the time before then that we bought them.

And yet, we never lack for potatoes. We have mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, stuffed potatoes, french fries, etc.

Why? Because we are related to Jean Brouwer, that's why.

She keeps us in a constant supply of all sorts of potatoes. And are they good! I love her twice baked potatoes, her mashed potatoes are devine (she puts sour cream in them) and her cheesy potatoes rival anything I've had at a restaurant.

I love potatoes.

I love Jean Brouwer.

Tomorrow, we go to Berlin to see Deanna and Lorraine. We're picking up Pat and Charmine and heading out there. Sandy hasn't seen their new house yet. I want her to see it, especially their shower, which I covet.

Deanna wrote an email last night, worried that Lorraine was coming down with a cold. If she has a cold I can't go. Can't afford germs...I'm in my "bad phase" this week. Today she said Lorraine seems to be doing we are a "Go" for tomorrow.

We're also watching the Huskies at 2pm tomorrow...they are playing on ESPNU. Fortunately we get that channel and so does Deanna and Lorraine.

Oh, and I heard from Birgitta. She and Mats will be happy to come to Stockholm with us. We will have FUN! YAY!!! Mats is going to go nuts putting up with us three women! Oh we are going to have fun.

Okay, another game coming up from the Big East tourney, I'm able to get it on SNYHD....I love our Direct TV!!! If I wanted to pay a little more for the special package, I could watch EVERY women's bball game that was on tv. Maybe when I'm old and infirm, I'll spring for that...spend my winters in front of the telly.

Not yet.

Nighty night!

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moomag said...

"Don't know why, but I could not sleep last night. Stayed up until 3am, listening to the police band on my iPhone, eavesdropping on all the crime in Eastern CT."

I would suspect all the excitement was what was keeping you awake. ;)