Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Day

What a difference this day brought.

I called up to the Chemo Center. I talked with my pal, Mary Artery....who called me RIGHT BACK! WOW!!! She talked with Dr. McCourt and they are going to admit me to the hospital to have my next chemo done. She said to "bring your jammies, you'll probably spend the night." Doesn't bother me! I asked to be on "my floor" Four East. She said, "will do."

Then I wrote to Marcia and told her I'd be there on the 19th. I hope she's working that day and will be my nurse.

My taste buds are still off. I feel bad, because I had the leftover pork dinner Jean
made and I couldn't really appreciate it. She worked so hard on it.

I'm knocked hard by this treatment and I'm spending more time in bed. Good thing I don't have to be anywhere special! I still hope to be able to get out to Joanie's house tomorrow night for our "retirees get-together." Sandy said she would drive me.

Here's hoping....

Nighty night...I'm going back to watch the UConn Notre Dame game...UConn has the game well in hand now. The only intrigue is will Tina break the scoring and rebound records in this game.

I'm going to watch and see.


Carol said...

I'm so sorry you are having a rough time this time around. I totally understand what you are saying. But, why do they want you to stay in the hospital for your treatment this time? What difference will that make? Loved watching the UCONN gals win tonite, they ate the best!! Sending extra good wishes your way from Jim and I.

Carol said...

I mean they "are" the bst....LOL!!! my typing sucks!!

moomag said...

Sending hugs to all the retirees. Want pictures news gossip, etc. Special hug to Joanie.