Friday, March 5, 2010

Long night last night. I was up many times doing you-know-what. It's that time in my chemo cycle when I start getting the trots. I'm taking the medication BEFORE it gets too "trotty" so hopefully I won't need that tincture of opium stuff!

I was able to get up, take a shower, get dressed and drive to Norwich for my bloodwork. Actually, I had to turn around in Norwichtown and drive all the way back home as I had forgotten my bloodwork orders at home! And then, when I got to the lab, they tell me I didn't need to bring it. They could have done the blood draw based on my other orders! Oh well...all that sitting in the car rested me up for the rest of the activiities.

I went to Stop and Shop and got oranges to put out to attract the orioles and more finches (as if we need more finches!)....I got a half out into the yard when I got home.

I also went over to Doc's Barbecue that is right next to where the Phoenix cafe is...which used to b e Indian Leap Cafe. Anyway...I was hoping for pulled pork but they were all out of everything but chickens and pulled chicken. They said the fire dept had come down with a huge order and cleaned them out! I had a nice chat with the owner as he made my pulled chicken sandwich. I also got a side of cole slaw. I brought them home to eat them and liked them. However the barbecue was rather bland.

I don't know if it was my taste buds (most likely as my taste is still somewhat off), or the fault of the place. I will try it time, pulled pork sandwich, or ribs...and I will go when my taste buds are at full-strength!

I like Doc...he is a former Navy guy and he told me "if anything is wrong, I would appreciate hearing about it, so I can make it I LOVE THAT ATTITUDE!!! I told him that was the way to do business.

I will be back there.

Carol asked what was the difference in me having my next chemo as an in-patient, instead of at the Oncology Center. Well, here is my understanding. They will push the med really slow---over a span of 9 hours for that one drug alone, plus three for the Taxol, plus an hour or more for the pre-meds I have to take. They can monitor me closely and if I have a reaction they have the equipment to monitor and to take care of the reaction. If my reaction worsens, I'm right in the hospital and have access to all their emergency response services.

I like it because I have a great chance of having a really competent nurse, maybe even Marcia, my favorite! I also won't freeze there, like I do at the Oncology Ctr. It is so freaking cold there! At least at the hospital, they have those blanket warmers and they aren't shy about using them!

I will also have my own room and there's lots of space for Sandy and me and both of our laptops, own television, etc. And good food for lunch and supper!

So, now it's time for me to climb the stairs....and off to bed!

Nighty Night!

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