Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, things are just about the same here. I sleep a LOT....get up for a few hours, loll around, and then go back to sleep.

Tuesday I was able to go to Joanie's house to party with the girls. A small group this month, what with people off in Florida and others recuperating from surgeries (you can tell we are retirees)it turned out to be Joanie, Fran, Charmine and Pat, Lynne, Sandy and me. I brought the famous mussells and overindulged myself!

I stayed a bit too long though, and despite having taken an energy drink before the party, I crashed HARD on the way home. When I got in the house I had to sit for awhile, I had nothing left in the tank. I honestly didn't know how I would get upstairs to bed on my own., Fortunately, I got some strength and got up there....and crashed in bed.

The next day I slept until 1pm. Got up and ate breakfast, then crashed again for awhile before Carol came over for dinner. We had a wonderful meal...which Carol cooked...and then we watched a dvd she got on how to evaluate puppies for temperament, physical characteristics, etc. She had gone to a seminar that they woman who did the DVD ran. It was fascinating. We learned that if you are going to pick a puppy that you will have doing agility or any other type of work/play like have to pick one that is in excellent physical condition. The "pick of the litter" so to speak.

After Carol left I crashed again. Then had a tough night sleeping. I ended up coming downstairs in the middle of the night and lying in the recliner. When I went
back upstairs I was able to fall asleep and ended up sleeping in until 11:30.

Jean came up this AM and she and Sandy worked all day in the cellar, cleaning stuff out. We're getting rid of a lot of books--the paperbacks will go to the soldiers in Afghanastan. We're also getting rid of (finally) ALL those damned VHS tapes that Sandy has been holding onto for years. She came up and asked ME if I wanted to get rid of them. I said, (very calmly) "sure, if you think we should." Then I went "YES" as she went back down the cellar stairs. I don't know why she wanted to hold onto them...I'm glad they are going.

So, I haven't ventured into the cellar to see what it looks like...but I'm sure I'll like the change. I'm NO HOARDER! We need to lighten our load so to speak.

Sandy found pictures down there that we can hang in the halls downstairs and upstairs and in the spare bedrooms. Nice.

Now I'm hoping that I can make it to the lab tomorrow to get my CBC done like they want, then to the new barbecue place Anne Masterson told us about in Norwich; and maybe even to the store to get cards for Mariah and Lera for their birthdays next week.

Wish me luck.

Oh, tonight Pam has the baby on "The Office," can't wait to see that episode. I'm wondering how Michael and Dwight are going to insinuate themselves into the action. In some gross way I'm sure!

Nighty night!

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