Sunday, February 28, 2010

A blah day....I felt blah and it was blah outside. I did get out for a little bit when I trudged around out back in the mud, feeding the birds.

Watched the Huskies lose and then went back to bed after the Canadians scored their second goal. I had been flipping back and forth between both games, and texting with Katie about the Huskies and life in general.

I slept for a bit, missed Carol, who came over bearing some pork roast for me. I'll have it later, when my taste buds are back.

I almost threw out a whole box of crackers that had been unopened until I broke into them today, I thought they were stale. Just as I was poised over the trash can to drop them in...I remembered that darned problem I have with my taste buds right after chemo. I decided to let Sandy try them to see how they are. Good move.

A couple of hours later I dragged myself out of bed, Bubbles sitting there whining at me to make me get up. Came downstairs and Sandy made me some Campbell's Chicken Noodle (I know...blah) but it did hit the spot. I have perked up a bit and will sit up for a while and watch the Olympic stuff and my Sunday night shows...Simpsons, Family Guy etc. Then off to bed again.

Tomorrow I have some phone calls to make...wish me luck with the nurses!

Nighty night!

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