Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Basketball and other important things in life...

I haven't even checked the Huskies score from this afternoon, but let me guess....they lost, am I right?

I am speaking about the men's team now, of course....the women will be winning again tonight...taking home the Big East Championship.

Tina will be taking home the MVP of the tournament...although a case can be made for Kalana Green (one of my favs) who came up big last night. I am going to miss this crew next year...they are so great and such nice girls too.

I used to hate it when people called us "girls" when I was that age. Guess what? I've become one of those people who do things I used to hate. Deal with it.

Well, I have been taking that "special medicine" and it didn't work when I took it just once, so I'm taking it three times a day, as directed. I took it this AM and went back to bed...boy, were my dreams interesting...very colorful, creative and then they went to black and white! WOW!! I slept until 1:30...enjoying the movies in my head.

Last night Charmine came over to watch the game with me. She doesn't get ESPNU on her cable system. We went down to Joe D's and got a pizza to go....came home, ate it and enjoyed the game...right up to the point where CD went down with that mystery injury. I thought she had broken her eye socket, turns out she got slammed on the back of the neck with an elbow. She's cleared to play today.

Talked to Lynne today, she's back from North Carolina and is busy going for job interviews. Tomorrow she's going to take a break from that to take me to get my CT Scan. This is a big scan...we'll see if the CA 125 test is accurate...or if they still see cancer in there. We'll be hoping that I'm clean as a whistle in there!

I made contact with the Tasmanian Devil yesterday. He's going to come give me an estimate on how much it will cost to take down that Cottonwood tree on the side of the house and to trim a big tree out back. I lie awake at night when the wind is blowing, worrying about the cottownwood coming down on the bedroom. I'll sleep easier with it gone. After it comes down we will plant some "Christmas trees" over there to provide a "fence" to block us from the guy next door. Not that we see much of him...but still...if I have that "fence" I can lie out on the deck, topless! YAY!

Speaking of lying on the deck, I have been doing so that past three days because it has been so sunny out there. Finally! Today I found a big "cloth sail" that you can put up easily to block the sun from the deck. I think I'm going to get one....the sun is so strong on the deck from about 11am on until late afternoon that you can't stand being out there...and what's the sense of having a deck if you can't use it?

Can't wait until I'm fit enough and the weather is good enough for me to be working out in the yard. I want to work myself into a stinky sweat!

Pam has agreed to be my coach on my "comeback." She will know how to make me pace myself and build up gradually, instead of overdoing and hurting myself.

I may have already hurt myself...unintentionally....and I don't know how I did this, but I did do something to my abdomen...unless it's cancer. I have pain there and a big "lump"...at first I thought it was yet another hernia, but now I'm not sure. Whatever it is, it will show up on the CT scan.

Of course, I hope it's a hernia.

Okay, enough of that crap. Hey, how about Sarah Palin admitting that she and her family has gone into Canada to get health care? YIKES!!!! And now I guess NBC is trying to cover up for the fact that they used a laugh track for her "performance" on Leno's show the other night. They added laughs where there was uneasy silence. HA!

I could use a laugh track for my life. I think I am very funny, but Sandy says I'm not so funny. If I had a laugh track, I could hit it and it would reinforce my belief that I am funny. Or something like that.

Now I'm going to heat up my leftover tuna casserole (made with Annie's Pasta) and settle down to watch the Huskies.

Life is great! For tonight...tomorrow I have to drink that horrid stuff. I can't wait for them to get the new "tasteless" stuff that you can mix with anything you want.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Positive thoughts for the CT scan! And hoping for a hernia-who does that??? But yeah, hoping for a hernia too.

BTW-I think you're funny. But then again-you think I'M funny so there ya go!

Frenchie said...

My name on this blog, Keep The Change, is 'Frenchie' just so you know it's me, Maria's friend, Priscilla.

I think you are both funny! Your humor is a commentary on life nobody says out loud and a fresh look at that!

I'm sending positive vibes your way.

Ann, to hopefully distract you, I will share more with you concerning my paternal family. I went to Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, and stayed with my cousin. We did a lot of sharing, looked at many photographs from the past and it was difficult. I found that I still had a bit of anger for that family as I somehow felt them responsible for messing up my family. It takes 2 to tango and only one person in that family had the balls to defy the sanctity of a real family...the other is my mother who was on board with him. I know now that my father is my hero. If he hadn't been willing to bring me up as his own, I probably would have ended up in the foster care system. So that is where I am. I have more details which I will share at a later date. I'm exhausted and laboring under a toothache which I fear may lead to a root canal.
So, hopefully this update took you off you worries for a few moments'

I wish you my very best.

Big hugs and little prayers,


Frenchie said...

My present avatar is my dog, Tia Maria, my Chihuahua. She is dressed as a medieval damsel. She may look unhappy, but she isn't. Many Chihuahua's live in a state of near constant dread. Sne has her less anxious moments, too. She really relaxes when Peter and I are both home relaxing.