Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wow, what a difference a day makes now! Yesterday was my best day since before surgery. I felt really good. Got up late, again. yTook a shower, got dressed and waited for Roxie, who was coming to visit.

She arrived, we chatted with Sandy (who had to get up, the dogs were making such a fuss) and then Roxie and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Sandy stayed home because Jean and Frank were coming up with a load of firewood.

We had a great time, chatting away, getting caught up on stuff. Andrew goes back to school today and Virginia is doing good. I even got the salad bar and it was good!

Then we came home and visited some more, having some good laughs with Sandy. Roxie had to get home as she had housework to do.

Sandy and I watched Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino" and we loved it. We love Clint anyway, but this one was special. I know people didn't like the racial and ethnic slurs in the movie, but you have to understand that there are still people who talk like that. People need to get over themselves.

Unfortunately, we had to keep pausing the movie while I ran back and forth to the bathroom. Finally, at 9pm we decided to stop the whole thing and finish the movie later. So, we went up to bed, Sandy promptly fell asleep, I kept up my bathroom adventures. Sometime in the middle of the night, things settled down a bit, so I could get some sleep. Sandy let me sleep in this AM, again. It's getting to be the routine for me...get up at noon, go to bed early....up and down to the bathroom all night.

I don't mind it though...things are flowing, if you know what I mean. I much prefer that to being "stopped up."

Sandy is reading about a new Disney resort that they are building on Hawaii. We love the sounds of it so much, we have just pledged to save our $$ so we can go there when it opens in Sept 2011. Or maybe we'll wait until it's been open for awhile. I think it's a very worthwhile goal!

Now I just have to get back to work to make more $$$!!

Watching the Jets beat the Colts (so far) and loving it. I'm rooting for the Jets and the Vikings, don't know exactly why, but it feels right.



Sue said...

Hawaii + can you go wrong! Now that sounds like a winning combo!!!

Brett said...

I loved Gran Torino - awesome movie with a bittersweet ending.