Monday, January 25, 2010

Grits and eggs for breakfast, made by moi! Great stuff!

A good day, even though it was blowing like it was March out there and raining like it was monsoon. The "stream" next to the house was boiling over. We are very happy the house sits on a hill and everything drains past it to the back yard.

Caught up on housework and then we caught up on some of our recorded favorite shows, "Project Runway" and "Millionaire Matchmaker" specifically. More great stuff.

I crashed a bit in the afternoon, but felt better when I laid down in bed and played with the iPhone...then got up in time for spaghetti and meat balls and a nice salad, with the salad dressing from Olive Garden--MORE GREAT STUFF!

I forgot to note that I found Ray Belding on Facebook. Ray was our (Mary Anne and me) mentor when we did our field placement for college, back in the day. We loved him and learned a lot from him and never forgot him. We did lose track of him though and the other day I took a chance and entered his name in Facebook. Lo and behold, there was only one Ray Belding on FB and it was "our Ray." I wrote to him and we have all renewed our acquaintance. I love Facebook for that.

Ray retired as a school social worker and is still very into birding. He inspired me in both areas. I wish I had his expertise in birding. Maybe soon we'll get together for coffee or something. Maybe I'll get him to take me birding.

I'm watching the Huskies dismantle Villanova....another taped event that I am "catching up on." This was a debacle...but aren't they all this year?

I love it.

Nighty night!

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Sue said...

Looking up someone from your 'school days.' Where do you get these ideas? LMAO