Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watching the Huskies today. The guy's team disgusts me now. They are ridiculous...lots of showboating and lacking in the fundementals. The women's team on the other hand....well, night and day.

Tina Charles just went over 2000 career points. Unbelievable! I remember when he had to BEG her to shoot! Now she is a scoring machine, probably will be Player of the Year and the #1 pick in the draft.

I'm looking forward to seeing her play for the Sun next year.

Sandy said Five Guys was great. The hamburgers are huge and the fries are like the ones we love to get at the Woodstock Fair. I'm looking forward to going there someday! They had a good time last night, went back to Jean's and played Phase 10 (a type of Rummy) for awhile, and texted me. It was nice, I felt included.

As for me, well, I snuggled in the bed with Bubbles and watched "Along Came Polly." I remember that this was the in flight movie when we were coming back from Italy. My father loved the movie and Sandy says that's one of the things she remembers about the trip...Bob Miller laughing at the movie. I think that's a nice memory to have.

I had another "up and down" night last night, finally settling in around 4:30...but then I slept like a log until around 10am. I felt energetic when I got up...something new I'm trying.

Okay, it's time for me to eat my warmed-up egg foo young. I got it the other day from the take-out place in town...they make the BEST egg foo young....this time I got shrimp instead of pork. No's all good!

GO HUSKIES!!! They are winning 59-34. What else is new?

Nighty night!

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