Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm slipping....

about posting here. I have to get better. Even if what I have to write is mundane, trivial, garbage...

Well...mundane, trivial garbage has been happening. Done.

Actually, I've been having a different kind of week. Actually got out two days so far. Yesterday I had to take the car to Toyota and have it serviced. I hadn't gotten a recall notice, so I wasn't sure if my Camry was one of the ones effected by the gas pedal problem. They did the service and reassured me that my car was NOT one of the ones with the problem! YAY!

In the afternoon Sandy and I went down to Waterford to watch Ryan play on the freshman basketball team. He is really good, they are really good and they won. I was happy to be able to see him--haven't seen him play yet this year. Then Ryan had been asked to play on the JV team that night. So, after the freshman game, we schlepped over to the other gym (remember, this is rich Waterford) and watched the JV get whupped by New London. Ryan didn't get to play much and when he did, he had turnovers...poor kid. He was playing sick, probably shouldn't have gone to school, but you know kids. I can remember playing basketball in high school with a high fever, etc. Ryan won't let these mistakes stop him. He's a very determined, hard-working, NICE kid. I think we are going to be going to a lot of basketball games in the years to come.

After the game we went over to Frank and Jean's and had dinner. They stopped at Wendy's on the way home and treated us. I had a taco salad. Good. Then I crashed on the couch. Sandy took me home. It was the longest I've gone since my surgery.

Today we left early to have my bloodwork done at Backus; then down to L&M to see Dr. McCourt. We had to wait for awhile down there, so we got to chat with my favorite NL nurse, Heidi. She is so funny and we always enjoy yacking with her.

Then I saw Dr. McCourt. She is very happy with how I'm healing and appalled about my bowel
situation. But there isn't anything more she can do about it. Just make the appropriate sympathetic faces when she talked to me about it.

I was hoping to get my last CA 125 results...they hadn't been entered in the computer for some reason. Dang.

Afterwards we stopped at Chester's Barbecue. You know me and chemo...I get the barbecue cravings and we went right by the course I went in. I got pulled pork sandwiches for me, Jean and Frank and something called "pulled chicken" for Sandy. I had been kidding her and said, "maybe they have pulled chicken for you!" Sure enough.

WELL! The pulled pork sandwich was EXCELLENT! They put about a half a pound of meat in each sandwich. I couldn't finish it of course. I also bought sides of cole slaw and baked beans, because it's not barbecue without slaw and beans.

WELL WELL WELL....of course I spent the next hour and a half in the bathroom.

Good barbecue.

Came home and crashed for about two and a half hours, with my little doggies snuggled up next to me.

Tomorrow night we go out to 99 Restaurant with Lynne and David. A new, night-before-chemo tradition. Dinner with Lynne and David. Right now the thought of food makes me ill...I'm sure I'll be hungry by tomorrow night!

Nighty night!

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Sue said...

There's a little hole in t he wall BBQ place in Sturbridge you might want to check out if you get up that way. It's in the same plaza as Yankee Spirits. YUMMY STUFF!!!