Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Kayak Adventure

Dori arrived bright and early and we wrestled my kayak (actually Sandy's kayak) onto the top of the truck and secured it. I put the dog's in their kennels and we drove the sounds of Rocky's pitiful howling.

There were about 18 or so other paddlers. There was a brief talk about the cove, the estuary, the importance of protecting marshlands, etc. Then we shoved off into the water and we were on our way.

Dori and I didn't try to keep up with the crowd. It was supposed to be a "slow float", but everyone seemed hell-bent on proving their paddling we let them go. They went down to one end of cove and we rejoined them when they had to come back...then they went down to the other end and we trailed along behind, and joined them again when they came back. In the meantime, we got to see all the birds that they flushed out of their hiding places.

We saw osprey, great blue heron, kingfishers, swallows and a chimney swift nest under a bridge. We checked out the houses along the way, imagining what it would be like to live there. Some of them were really pretty remote. We decided that the stink of the marsh when the tide goes out may make living there a little less desirable. I think one would get used to it though.

I did get tired about an hour out and since I have a UTI, I have to pee alot, so I had to pee almost as soon as we left shore! It made it hard to totally enjoy the experience, but the sun came out, it was nice and warm, the nature scenes were wonderful and Dori's company was, as always, delightful. It was a very nice trip.

Came home and had lunch. Then I took Rocky out in the back yard and let him loose. I did it because he was so miserable, scratching to go out, going out and seeing that he was stuck in the little yard, scratching to come back in and then repeating the process all over again in a few minutes. I also did it because I'm a negligent mother.

I did block the back gate with stuff so he can't get out there...he keeps going to it and looking. He could fit himself through the space around the's bigger than we told them it had to be when they installed the fence. We're going to have to put a permanent barrier there, to keep him in the yard.

He ran free, for the first time since his accident, and loves the back yard. I sat and watched him and would call him to me every once in awhile. He rolled and rolled on his back. He tried to eat little cherries that have fallen off one of the trees. He pooped, he peed. He rolled again. He pooped again, he peed again. He was happy.

He's sleeping on my feet now. My feet have been tingly and numb the past few days, I really can't feel them now!

Tomorrow Jess comes up early and we drive to Greenfield for the CPE National Trial, where Sandy is. Terry and maybe Tim or Kate or all three, are coming up at noon time. Later Martine, my old Putnam pal, will be coming over after she gets out of work--she works at a hospital in Greenfield. So, I will be seeing a few people who I haven't seen in YEARS!!!

Sandy called. Lindsay was making more snackies and then chicken thighs for supper. Sandy was going to be dining with them. Nice.

I made a can of Campbell's special soup: Maryland style crab soup. Well, let me tell you...what a waste of money. I couldn't find a trace of crab, not even a taste of crab! Don't fall for the "healthy and special" lable. It's not worth it.

So, I guess I'll have a donut for supper! :) To bed early, I'll sleep good tonight!

If I write an entry tomorrow, you'll know I'm a IRON WOMAN! I'm going to take my "Five Hour Energy" drink, just in case. So I can make the drive home. Then I'm going to crash, until it's time for WORK on Monday afternoon! YAY!!

Nighty night....


moomag said...

come on down and we'll have some REAL murlan crab soup

Audge said...

I've been here like 7 years now and I still don't like crab!