Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit with MAFO

Lynne provided the picnic lunch and picnic supplies, as we had lunch with Mary Ann at
Bridebrook, where she residing for rehab.

Lynne did a great job, we had the checkered
napkins, the paper plates with straw plate
holders, pasta salad, tuna salad, great bread, another kind of salad (lots of very tasty stuff in it); iced tea, and grapes and brownies for dessert!
It was YUMMY!
As a matter of fact, Lynne provided two of my meals for the day. Lynne brought me spare ribs that David had barbecued and I had three of them for supper tonight, with Annie's pasta and sauteed spinach. That was YUM too!
Mary Ann is hoping to be out of this place soon. I have my assignment--to get Jean's toilet chair; one of the suction grab bars Jean got for us when I got out of the hospital and I have to research where to rent a temporary ramp. She'll need one to get in and out of Robin's place at Black Point--which is where she will go to finish her rehab. I also advised her to get a "Life Alert" know "Help-I've-Fallen-And-Can't-Get-Up" thing. I know Bob Miller and Wini have this service. It really works.
It was a nice visit, a wonderful lunch...a great way to spend this grey, rainy day.
On the way home I went grocery shopping for the first time since November. I also did something else today that I haven't done since November....I scooped the litter pan! Not without Sandy's blessing, however. She told me I could scoop as long as I wore a mask. I always wash my hands immediately after scooping...but she is concerned about airborn germs that you can get from litter pans. So I wore my mask. It sounds stupid, but it felt great to scoop the poop.
Sandy and the two Russells are in Greenfield MA. Truman ran in three events today and screwed up each one. Some of our friends did much better: Lindsay and my man Deco qualified three of three and Vicky and Jacques also went three for three. I guess Truman and Sandy are in cruise mode since they got their big national title. Sandy is enjoying herself, she's camped behind Jim and Lindsay and they are treating her to their hospitality. When I talked with her tonight, Lindsay way making hors d'oeuvres and Jim was grilling hamburgers. andy was heading over there for dinner. Some camping!
I hauled the kayak down off the garage wall and have all my stuff loaded up, ready for tomorrow. Dori is coming early, we'll load my kayak into the back of Brad's truck and off we'll go to Poquetanuck Cove for the nature "float." I'm trusting it will be a lot warmer and nicer than it is today!

One good thing about the rain, Sandy's garden looks fantastic! It's like it exploded overnight. I'm sure that the warm weather we're going to get Sat and Sun, after this rain, will make the garden really pop!
I have to pick up a couple of Roma tomatoes or plum tomato plants so I can plant that upside down planter thing. I want roma or plum as they are the best for salsa and sauce and I want to make lots of both this year! I love the salsa....with fresh cilantro (I have that too), onion and garlic....too good!
You know I was just looking at Rocky and I see his stitches from the surgery he had last week to remove the pins in his femur. He has NOT bothered those stitches at all! He is a good little dog. A barky little dog, but a good one!
Okay, time to concentrate on the Sox game....and then to bed. Early day tomorrow.
Oh, check out my tresses in the picture! The hair it is returning, my friends, the hair is returning.
Nighty night!

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Marieps said...

Sounds like you are back to your crazy busy schedule-excellent! And I know you won't overdo it and make yourself sick. Right??