Monday, June 1, 2009

Poor Rocky, he came home from the agility trial last night with explosive diarrhea...doing his Ann Miller impersonation I guess!

He got up at 3:30 am and let me know he wanted to go out. He's so different from Truman and Bubbles in that way...they will just poop wherever. Rocky, the sweetheart, asks to go out. When we came back to bed, he didn't want to go in his kennel. I don't blame him, he is very skinny and it was cold last night, he was shivering. So, I did the "no-no" and put him in the bed with me. He settled right down, snuggled up to my butt and fell asleep. He stayed there the rest of the night, until he jumped off the bed--just what we don't want him to do!

I went to see Kathleen, my Nurse Practitioner, today. She put me on meds for a UTI and for the stiff neck. The latter will probably make me sleep for the next week. I also have to go for massage, to try to get the neck to loosen up. Twist my arm! I'm going to call Sandy's friend Deb, who is a nurse and also a massage therapist. I was supposed to see her a long time ago..but haven't made the appointment yet--Sandy gave me $$ for a massage last year for my birthday and I've been carrying it around ever since!

Now I have a little boy dog curled up by my feet on the recliner...I'm going to have to sneak him under the covers again tonight.....but how? I'll wait until Sandy is sleeping....and then....

Oh, I realized that Father's Day is in THREE weeks, not two as I thought. This will be interesting...I have chemo that Friday and maybe kind of tired that weekend. I may have to ask Phil to help me with the driving--getting Bob and going to South Boston to get Maria and go out to eat. I'm sure we'll work something out...even if I have to get Maria or Bob to drive! NOT!

BTW...did I mention that my hair is coming in fast? I can pull it up about a half inch now. Every day it grows visibly longer. I love it!

That muscle relaxant is kicking in...I can feel it....

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

If you're having chemo the Friday before Father's Day-why don't I take the bus to the casino-or the train to Worcester-instead of having you come up to Boston?? Of course if you can get Phil to drive you guys up here, that would be the coolest option! Just don't do anything crazy-there are alternatives.

Marieps said...

Oh yeah-and I'm DYING to meet Rocky! Finally-a social Russell in the Miller-Brouwer household!