Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to work

Went back to work today....first "real" work since last November. It felt great! There were only three students and it only lasted 2.5 hours, perfect for getting "reacquainted" with the concept of a job. My next scheduled gig isn't until July 1, but maybe they'll come up with something else in the meantime.

Yesterday was a big day. Jess came at 9am and we left for Greenfield MA and the agility trial. Rocky had his first non-diarrhea BM just before we left, so I was surprised when we smelled a "bad smell" as we were driving into Enfield. We pulled over and to my shock I learned that Lily had thrown up in the back seat.....and when we got her out she promptly had wicked diarrhea. She NEVER poops in the house or I felt so bad for her. I guess it was her turn to be sick, now that Rocky is over the shits. She had a few more bouts at the trial and she also threw up a few more times, including in Sandy's car on the way home.

The Connollys showed up right around noon time. Tim, Kate and Terry. I had not seen Terry in almost 10 years, although we have kept up with each other on the internet and on the phone. It was so good to see them and to get caught up. It was as if we had not been apart. Tim took some great pictures with his iPhone...and in the process made me make up my mind to buy me one of those...soon.

We shopped around at the vendors who were there for the trial, then they watched as Sandy and I had our picture taken, first the two of us with Lily and then the two of us with all four dogs. We had Barry Rosen, a professional photographer take the shots. He is fabulous. He makes a sound that makes all the dogs look right at him, without scaring them. In all of the other photos that we have of the dogs sitting with us, Lily is staring at the ground, Bubbles is trying to get away and Truman is snarling, showing his titanium crowns. These came out great.

Tim took some shots of the "girls" and he also got a shot of the family photo session. I'm going to post it on this blog.

Anyway, it was fun seeing our old neighbors, the Connollys and we made plans to hopefully get together again next month. They are having a big picnic at their place and I'm going to go up for it, even if Sandy can't make it.

Then, they had to leave and about an hour later, Martine showed up. I hadn't seen Martine in almost 40 years! I was thinking it was 20 years, but then Jessica gently broke the news to me that "sometime in the mid 70s" was about 40 years ago! OUCH!

Again, Martine and I just took up where we left off, all those years ago. She lives near Greenfield and works in the hospital in town. She came over after work, so she was in some snazzy looking work clothes. Martine, Jess and I said good bye to Sandy, got in Martine's car and went out for supper at the local 99 Restaurant--cup o' chowder and Ceasar salad. We had a good time chatting and joking. Then she took us back to my car....and Jess and I hit the road home.

I was very tired and didn't think I'd be able to drive all the way home, but I got energized and made it with no problem. Unfortunately, when I shut the lights out to go to bed, I couldn't sleep. I ended up getting out of bed at 12:30 and went downstairs. Had a little glass of milk and sat in Sandy's recliner---where I fell asleep. I woke up and it was 3:30....I put the foot of the recliner down and it made that bad "CLUNK" sound that it makes and that got the dogs howling, woke Sandy up and she and all the dogs came trailing down the stairs to see what the hell was going on. I am totally chagrined and apologetic, climbing back upstairs and into bed. Of course, once everyone was settled down--I lay there, couldn't sleep again!

So, some thoughts going through my head while I'm lying there:

As Dori and I discussed on Saturday...."do guys really think that having long grey bushy, straggly beards are good looking?" "Do guys ever look in the mirror?" "Why do some guys with skinny legs insist on wearing leotards?" No kidding, there was a guy who went kayaking Saturday, who had leotard-like pants on....he was an old guy too. Made me think of "Precious" as an old man.

Can't wait to see Kathy Griffin at the end of the month.

Sure hope my Relay for Life teammates are soliciting their family and friends for donations.

I'm going to have Maria come to Mohegan Sun on Father's day weekend, instead of me driving up to get her. I think that's the smart thing to do. I'll go to Putnam and get my Dad, we'll meet Marieps at Mohegan and we can go to dinner there. Maybe try that Michael Jordan Mexican place...or whatever.

I'm happy to be back to work.

I'm SO getting that new iPhone. Lynne and Tim have convinced me.

Nighty night


Marieps said...

You don't have to convince me to take the bus to Mohegan!

Yep, you're definitely back to your old crazy schedule. It makes ME tired!

Lynne said...

I need a sign up sheet for my Relay donations. Send me the web site ASAP!