Thursday, June 4, 2009


Went to New Haven yesterday to meet my "second cousin," Phyllis and her husband. They live right in the middle of "Yale Territory" beautiful buildings, tree lined streets and lots of cool shops and cafes in the area. Phyllis and I immediately set off for one of those cafes--an Irish pub that is in the basement of one of the buildings. Nice atmosphere...nice corned beef Rueben.

Afterwards we strolled past the houses that are used by the Yale President and various schools. We walked up "Science Hill" where the school of Forestry is located....a new, green building. You could see the solar hot water system collectors on the sides of the building...very nice.

When we got back to the house, I chatted with Elia and Phyllis laid out a spread of coffee and desserts! Reminded me of my grandparent's. Phyllis showed me pictures of her family...such a good looking family! Made me kick myself that I have lost the manila folder with my Swedish Family pictures. I hope I find it soon, it's driving me nuts!

Sandy is packing t0 head to Westfield for the CPE National Trials. She's taking Truman, who will be running and Bubbles, who will be going along for the adventure--they'll be camping. Lily and Rocky will be staying home with me and we'll be going up to Westfield on Sunday. I'm very excited to go...Jessica is coming with me and Terry Connolly will be coming to see us there. I haven't seen Terry in years!

Tomorrow, Lynne and I are going to go have lunch with Mary Anne. We are hoping for nice weather, we can take Mary Anne out if it's nice. If it isn't, we'll get stuff "to go" and lunch with her at Bridebrook.

Saturday, Dori will come down at 8am and we're off to go kayaking at Poquetanuck Cove with a's a "nature tour" so I'll bring my binocs. I always bring my binocs, but this time they will be really important! I hope we see some good stuff.

Busy lately, but I get tired so fast, it's kind of scary. There is no rhyme or reason for it at times. Or so it seems. I'll feel exhausted about an hour after I get up in the morning, it will pass (without me napping) and I'll go on to stay up until midnight! So strange.

Oh! Monday I go back to work! YAY!!! I'll be working in the afternoon.

Can't wait....but first I have a fun weekend ahead.

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Brett said...

Science Hill - you were around the corner from where I work in Science Park(!)