Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "different feeling" continues today. Who knows? Maybe it's allergies, I have been sneezing more. But I do feel light headed at times and "just not right."

I called my buddy Mike, who owns and we had a talk. I was calling to cancel out on attending today's Sun exhibition game....after talking with him I realized that I probably will not be able to cover the Sun at all this season, and Mike is fine with that. He and I have been friends for over 10 years and he understands about chemo and it's effects-his wife had breast cancer a few years back.

I ate and ate and ate all day yesterday, I was like the bottom-less pit. Went to bed early with Sandy, we watched "Last Restaurant Standing" and then I tried to sleep. It was weird, I was so tired and sleepy during the show, almost dozing off at one point, but when the lights went out I couldn't sleep! I ended up getting out of bed at 11:30 and went downstairs and had a bowl of shredded wheat. I sound like my father!

Well...after that orgy of food yesterday, I weighed myself this AM....139.5 lbs! I can hear Maria saying, "there ain't no stinkin' justice!" WOW! So, today I didn't eat that weight will be back up to 145!

I did make a nice omelet this AM with fresh spinach, turkey bacon, feta cheese and some garlic in it. YUM! I'm practicing for when Maria and Bob come for Father's Day and I prepare a nice breakfast for them.

I did get some stuff done today--the laundry, which is ridiculously easy to do when your washer and dryer are located next to your closet and linen closet! I also went through the bags of junk I had in my old Camry that were piled up in the garage. Sandy had been complaining about how "junky" it looked out there. The garage. So, I picked and sorted and dumped and stored. Done.

I did that while I sat and watched the Sox. They won....yay! Big Papi hit a double, at least. I hope he gets out of this slump.

Side comments: I love the Dustin Pedroia vs Goliath Dunkin' Donuts ad, but the ad with Tim Wakefield asking for the potato salad just cracks me up for some reason! I laugh everytime I see it.

I like "Ek" but I'm not looking forward to him talking about the "cheese" and the "high cheese"'s run it's course, buddy!

Maria would be happy to hear that Don Orsillo said both of her favorite phrases in today's game:
"at the end of the day" and "it is what it is."

I called Sandy at noon time and she said Lily FLEW through the jumpers course, she was having so much fun! Sandy said it was like she was when she was a young dog! She even did some extras on the course, but we don't care because we're not interested in her qualifying...just in her having fun. She's going to run again next week, maybe I'll run her.

I guess Rocky is driving Jean nuts. He scratches at his kennel and cries every time Sandy leaves him. Lily is fine staying in the tent with Jean, but not the! She has to be right next to him.....he's such a little baby!

Time for me to get back upstairs, the next loads of laundry are calling.

At the end of the day, it is what it is....


Carol/Jim said...

Jimmy always said "the Millers" all have the same great, fun personality." You crack me up and Steve, did you read what he wrote on Jim's blog? He is a riot! Thanks for making me smile, best medicine in the world!

moomag said...

You should have that "wierd" feeling checked out. Kind of seems like what I have been going through the last year and a half. The defibrillator that looks like I have another boob has NEVER gone off yet these "weird" things keep happening. Now they say its my blood sugar and/or low blood pressure. For that diagnosis, I have had close to $200,000 in medical tests and procedures....though I did get word that my head examination proved that I am NORMAL

Marieps said...

My allergies can make me lightheaded and feeling kind of out of it. Like today, actually. Wouldn't it be nice if that was all it was?

The ad that's cracking me up nowadays is the VW ad where the VW is talking to the guy who looks like Jack who just bought the hybrid. When he imitates his hybrid's sound and the VW says "That's cool." I have to smile.