Friday, April 24, 2009

Chemo Cancelled.....AGAIN!

And I have no idea why! I got home last night from all my travels--Backus for blood work; Toyota in Colchester to get the Sirius satellite installed; Uncas for Mortality Review....and there is a message from Rosa the RN telling me they are canceling my chemo and something about my bloodwork.

I call back to see if they are looking at LAST week's blood work or Thursday's, and the place is closed! I leave a message asking them to call me back and let me know why I couldn't have chemo. That was last is now 1:30 on Friday and I STILL haven't heard from them! And, I called again at 11am!

Something tells me that they screwed up and looked at last week's blood tests.....OR I am still way down on the platelet count....which is possible...but I feel very peppy.

I was able to do all that running around yesterday...leaving the house at 8:30 and not returning until 4:30 and I wasn't pooped!

Today I got up and made breakfast, then tackled the window washing job I've been wanting to do all month. The weather is perfect for it and I did the entire downstairs and part of upstairs, before I took a break for lunch and now to type at you.

Later on we'll be taking Lily and Bubbles to the vets. It's for their regular check-up, but Bubbles has developed a hoarse throat and we want that checked. She sounds so funny--when she barked at me when I came home yesterday she sounded like a chihuahua! High-pitched. She chokes alot too and last night her little nose was warm and dry for a bit--then went back to normal. She was sounding a bit raspy we think she may have a little cold, or allergies.

She doesn't want to be outside in the sun, which is unusual for her. She just wants to curl up in Lily's big bed and sleep.

Sandy and Jean have been working on the yard all morning. Jean is raking and hauling brush, Sandy hauled stuff with the tractor and just finished giving the lawn it's first mowing of the season. She was upset because Cliff, next door, cut his lawn Saturday. When one of us cuts the lawn, the whole line of us has to do it!

It is so nice to have my Sirius back in the car. I programmed it this AM. When I went to register it, I found out that the last person I dealt with opened another account in my name instead of adding my Stilletto (the portable radio) to my original account. Therefore I have missed out on my 30% discount all these months! The nice man changed that for me and it extended my subscription on the handheld until next April! It was set to expire in November! I got the lifetime subscription for the car's pricey to start but after only a few years it ends up being "free."

So, I must go back to my "vindow vashing and viping" and wait for Rosa the RN to call me back. I'm not going to hold my breath though....I think she was the one who was supposed to call me back when I first had the bad diarrhea....and I didn't hear from her for three days! It is a mystery to me as to why I was canceled out for chemo though and I would like to have the answer.

Tomorrow Sandy goes to a trial in Wrentham I believe and Bub, Lil, Murph and I will be enjoying the house alone. Maybe I'll haul out the herbs I potted--they have been growing like crazy in the cellar, under the grow lights. I'll put them on the deck and cover them at night. Sandy and Carol are still bummed about the fact that none of the stuff they planted has sprouted. I think they got taken on the seeds.

So, now I have to get back to work....finish the windows. Tomorrow I'll wash woodwork and make note of what needs touching up. Looking forward to the day I can get out the power washer!

Ta Ta!

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Carol & Jim said...

You have more energy than anyone I have ever known!!! And that on top of the year you have just experienced...makes me tired just reading it all. Sure wish we lived closer, I'd have to put you to work! Good luck on hearing from Rosa!