Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Had a great time last night at Koto's with the gals. Diane, Ellen, Judy, Sandy, Judi, Lynne and I had a great meal and even imbibed when they squirted the saki into my mouth....twice!

Sandy and I splurged and got the lobster combo--hers with chicken...I chose the shrimp. We had the same chef that we had when we went last week--he was just as funny and talented this week!

After dinner, the waitress asked if we wanted a "saki-bomb"..(which, by the way, is the name of one of the dogs in our agility club--if I'm not mistaken)....Diane was the waitress brought it. A "saki bomb" is a half-mug of beer and a chinese tea cup full of saki....the tea cup gets balanced on two chopsticks, laid across the mug of beer. At the count of three we all hit the table...the cup flipped into the mug and Diane grabbed it and chugged it almost all the way down! She took a couple of breaths and then polished the rest of it the amazement of the young sailors at the next table! It was hysterical! We were cheering her on, banging on the table and much fun.

We were pooped when we got home and went up to bed around 11. I don't remember waking up at all during the night. This is like the second time this has happened in the past week...prior to this I have not slept like that since some time in 1991!!! I think that I am not having the hot flashes like I was before....that was waking me up frequently the last few years...prior to that it was the noise in the old neighborhood---not that it was super noisy, because it was a very quiet place...but I heard any car that went by, etc.

This neighborhood is so quiet and it is so hard to hear ANYTHING but nature from our bedroom--all I needed to get a good night's sleep is to get rid of the hot flashes, I guess.

Today I got up with lots-o-energy. I changed the sheets and put the dirty ones in to wash. Then I got the "spring comforter" down from the attic and put that on the bed. While the clothes washed, I cleaned the bathroom sinks, mirrors, toilets and changed out my winter clothes for summer clothes.

I amassed quite a pile of size 16s and Larges that I can donate to the Thrift Shop. I loaded some of it into the washing machine--a big load of jeans and slacks....and bagged up the other stuff--which was clean. I think the jeans were clean too....I washed them before I put them into storage...and haven't worn them all winter. But I like to be on the safe side---so I washed them.

Then I went downstairs and made pancakes for breakfast. I made the light and fluffy recipe that they have on the Bisquick box....they come "kind of close" to Swedish pancakes---close but not as good as. I had three mini-pancakes and then got to work cleaning the downstairs.

We had decided that Wednesday would be our day for cleaning, but I was the only one doing any work. Sandy was in a stupor in her recliner---she was out of it--I listened to her talking to her Mother on the phone and she couldn't remember words-was hemming and hawing as she talked...not like her.

She came alive though when she checked her checking account on line and found that Chase Bank has been withdrawing money from her account for the past two months ($28 and $24) and she has no idea why. Chase doesn't have any idea either. The account that it says it is going towards is not an account she has! Her bank has no idea what is going on. Chase has no idea...the whole thing is rather scary. Good thing they aren't taking out hundreds of dollars and good thing she checked. Now she has to mail them a transmittal request thing so they can figure this out and stop stealing money from her!

Pam Childs came to visit in the afternoon. We hadn't seen each other in years.....we do keep up on each other via email...and she reads this blog. She brought me a fantastic walking stick that she had made for's a birch stick that has twists in it where bittersweet had wrapped itself around the branch. It is beautiful. I have always wanted a walking stick. When I hike in the woods, I usually pick up some stick and use it as I walk, then leave it by the trail head as I leave, so the next person can use it. Now I have my own stick!

We had a great time chatting and getting caught up on the latest. I toured her around the house and we talked birds--she gave me a great tip for attracting Baltimore Orioles (I know they call them Northern Orioles now....but old habits can die hard) to the yard.

We have a lot of common interests, Pam and I. I'm hoping that when I'm feeling stronger I can join her in walking at the Pomfret Audubon Center and we can do some kayaking together. Hopefully she and Jan will come down some night for dinner out on the deck. Friends shouldn't wait that long between get-togethers...we've been separated for years! That cannot happen again.

Tomorrow I have to bring the car up to Colchester to the dealers to have them install my Sirius satellite radio. Sandy is paying for it for me....and I will pay the subscription to the service. I was hoping to be able to hang out with Charmine while they worked on the car--but she has to go to work for I'll be hanging out there--or hiking into town to check out the shops. Maybe I'll grab something to eat at Harry's while I'm there...make the big sacrifice.

Then I have to have my blood work done and then off to Uncas for Mortality Review at 1pm.

Big day I will go watch the Sox...they were delayed by rain but will be starting up at 7:55--they just announced.

Nighty night! GO SOX!!!

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