Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Weekend!!!

We had a great agility trial at the Chester Fairgrounds this weekend. The weather was great, the dogs and the people had fun...and I managed to make it through the weekend in one piece.

I drove myself down to Chester both days....just in case I crashed and had to come home early. Well, I left a bit early on Saturday, but today I made it through the whole day and even was able to help tear down the ring at the end of the day! I surprised myself. Of course, I did have to use the 5 Hour Energy drink---that helped!

Lynne came Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the trial, the dogs and everything that was going on. She asked a lot of if she is trying to learn everything about agility trials all at once! I do think that someday in the future she will have a dog and will take agility classes, at least.

Sandy ran Bubbles and Truman. Truman hurt his shoulder early Saturday and didn't run the rest of the weekend. He has hurt it before...he aggravated the injury this time. Rest will do him well. Bubbles, on the other hand, wasn't hurting at all! She benefits from running with Sandy...she runs faster with Sandy than she runs with me. She ended up qualifying in five of her six runs for the weekend! Unbelieveable! She got four first place ribbons and one second. She has come so far, my little gir. I told Sandy that from now on, she will run Bub.

I got to wear my new Tilly hat and it works head didn't overheat and the brim protected my face from the sun. It was very sunny, both days. I did put sunscreen on my bald head as I went around with the hat off part of the day each day. No burn.

I think my hair is coming in faster..and thicker now. I don't think it will be too much longer before I look like I used to when I used to get my hair cut real short....except now it may be curly! I am really getting impatient...I want to see what it's going to look like. It seems that the hair on the top of my head is coming in white---in the back of my head the hair is darker.

My cousin wrote to me (I won't say WHICH cousin) and admitted that she had not seen a "female doctor" in 5-6 years. I want to say this: PEOPLE!!!! Don't skip the trip to the doctor for those annual check-ups. Get those mammograms; the pap smears; pelvic and rectal exams; the prostate exams; that colonoscopy; the baseline check by the dermatologist; etc.....GET 'EM DONE!

What the hell are you waiting for? I got mine done every year and I think it's because of that habit that I am sitting here writing about being antsy about my hair returning....instead of talking about what I want in my memorial service!

DON'T BE FOOLISH! Use your heads! Be smart!

Now my cousin will be upset with me for saying that...but she is smart now....she is taking care of business. I hope the rest of you do the same...get in the habit now.

I use my birth month--August--as my reminder that I need to get all my check-ups done. It's one of the ways I celebrate my things that help me to insure that I will have many more birthdays to come!

End of lecture...I have to get to bed...all this fresh air has me POOPED!

Nighty night!

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