Monday, April 20, 2009

A new family member?

I didn't post about a potentially new development in our lives...I got side-tracked with the rant about the need to take better care of ourselves.

Well...there is something that could be happening for us. Our friend Patty, who is a veterinarian and a member of our agilty club, saved a Jack Russell terrier from being euthanized. His name is Rocky and he is 11 months old. He was hit by a car and his owners didn't want to/couldn't pay the money needed for the surgery. Patty didn't want to have to put this little guy to sleep, so she had them sign over ownership to her...then she operated on him, pinned his leg and took him home with her later.

Patty and Todd have rescued a lot of dogs...they are wonderful. They immediately thought of us and are hoping we would take this guy into our family. They talked with Sandy about him and she agreed to let him stay in our tent at the agility trial this weekend. She kept an eye on him, took him out of the kennel to pee/poop and to stretch. She even got him to eat and drink--he hadn't been doing that enough.

We have been looking for a playmate for Bubbles-she wants to play so bad--she pesters Lily relentlessly....she even tries to get Truman going--he will do a little bit of play with her...not much. Lily just puts up with her licking, etc....but won't play. It is a given that Russells are difficult little dogs...especially ours---and female Russells are terrible with other females.

Bubbles ignored Rocky the whole weekend. She didn't get ticked off when I took Rocky out of the kennel and held him on my lap. She didn't growl, bark or react to him in any way. Truman did grumble and did snarl a bit at him. But that's Truman...and he has to be top dog...well...after Lily anyway.

So, we talked about it and decided that we want to pursue this further. We would like to see how the dogs do with Rocky when he is healthy. He is a cute, sweet little dog....but he's under the influence of pain killers now. We don't know how active he is when he's not knocked out a bit.

He is used to being in the kennel and doesn't mind it...which will help with his need to be kept quiet right now so that leg can heal.

He was living with an Asian couple and the wife didn't speak english. Rocky may know obedience commands, but who knows what language he "speaks"...which makes it interesting.

He looks like he probably came from a pet store...but he is a sturdy dog, great markings for a JRT and an undocked tail--which makes him look cute. He licked my face the first time he greeted me...which endears him to me of course. He needs a little weight on...he hasn't been eating well since his accident. He will probably have the pin removed later on when he is healed.

He may not end up being an agility dog...but we could give him a good life here, in a safe yard, removed from nasty cars.

The most common cause of death in Jack Russells is "hit by car." Responsible Jack Russell owners have safe, fenced-in their dogs cannot bolt to the street.

We'll see...if it's meant to will happen. Rocky has already won our hearts....whether he moves in to live with us depends on how Truman and Bubbles react to him.

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

Rocky and Moose...could be a winning combination! LOL