Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Good Friday

I had a hard time sleeping again last night. Ending up sleeping until 11:30 again! I got up, had breakfast, sat out on the deck in the sun (as I fantasized about so many times this winter), got too hot and had to sit under the umbrella!

I ran down to Walmart and Kohl's, looking for canisters and that crock pot I've been wanting. I checked Walmart first--they had what I wanted in the crockpot--but decided to wait to check out Kohls again. I'm glad I did...the same pot was on sale there and with my 15% off coupon, I ended up getting the pot and two canisters (large) for less than what WalMart was charging for the crockpot!

Now I have my slow cooker! YAY! This one also included a small warming pot that you can use for warming maple syrup (which I wouldn't do I don't think) or warming hot fudge sauce (that sounds good) and they have other little recipes for party dips, etc. that I will try.

I was feeling quite peppy as I went about the stores...but of course, when I got home, I could barely drag the purchases inside. I reheated some of my pizza that I had made a few days ago, ate lunch and then I dragged my ass upstairs. Slept for two hours and it felt so darned good.

Sandy went out and got me fish and chips from Milano's for supper. Mary had highly recommended their fish and I thought I would try them. They were very good...light batter, good quality fish. They increased the amount of mayo and tang in their cole slaw, which made me like it better than before. I would recommend this meal.

Talked to Grace tonight. Poor thing, she had called a few times and didn't reach me and then I just wasn't feeling up to chatting on the phone--I rarely enjoy chatting on the phone. Well, she called tonight and we had a nice talk. I promised her that soon I will be feeling peppier and will be able to finally come out there and take her out for that birthday meal that we missed back in December. Her birthday is the most important day to her and I feel badly that I missed it this year--first year in like forever!

Maria and I are plotting to meet up with Bob Miller the day he goes to Washington...I'm waiting to hear from Wini regarding exactly what day he will be there....we will drive up with him...stay over and drive back. But, only if the day works out right for Marieps as far as work is concerned.

Tomorrow I have another CT Scan so you know what that means---my favorite--drinking that chalky crap en route to the hospital. I'll see if I can choke both bottles down this time. I remember that they gave me more to drink just as they slid me into the machine last time. Sandy was joking that she would undergo the CT Scan for me, tell them she was me and see if Dr. Lachance notices anything funny! That would be hysterical! The more I think about it...the more I'm loving the idea.

Janet is coming with us and since I have to fast after midnight tonight, we will be stopping at the "Middle of Nowhere Diner" to have breakfast/lunch on the way home. I'm already looking forward to that.

I have the Sox game on now. Jerry Remy is out ill....hope it's nothing serious. He missed part of the preseason broadcasts due to some kind of infection....makes you wonder. Sox are playing the Angels who are mourning the death of their young pitcher. What a horror that was! They are all wearing his number--24--on their uniforms and they have it "etched into" the pitcher's mound--the site of his biggest pitching triumph the night he was killed, just the other day.

Just goes to show you.....

Nighty night.

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Jm & Carol said...

Good luck tomorrow with your CT scan....hope Sandy enjoys drinking the crap!! :-}