Monday, April 6, 2009


My Dad is one of my biggest Dad and Harry Truman....and Obama is slowly climbing into hero status with me too.

But Bob Miller is the man I have always looked up to as I was growing up and even right until this day. I have tried to pattern myself after him as far as my job accomplishments were concerned, my involvement in civic things and in trying to as fair as I possibly be. My Dad is honest, hard working, giving and fair.

I talked with Bob on Saturday...he called to check on me and it was funny, I was just getting ready to pick up the phone and call him.

He told me that he is going to go on one of those WWII vet trips to Washington, to see the WWII veteran's memorial. He has a young man who has been working with him to make all the arrangements and follow-through on the details. They will be flying down to Washington at the end of May. I wish I could be there to see this...maybe I will sneak down in my new car and get pictures. I'll have to talk to Wini and find out the details. I think it is so nice that they have FINALLY built a WWII vet memorial and that they are making this effort to bring Vets down to see it.

Bob didn't talk much about his experience in the war, he didn't see combat, fortunately, but he was assigned to work in a POW camp in Manila and told us some stuff about the Phillippines. I often wondered if he would like to go back and see it--I asked him finally and he said "no, not really." He wanted to see Italy more---so we took him in '04, and I'm so glad we did!

My brain is so mushy right now I can't remember if I posted this story on here already! It's all good...I love my Dad and I don't mind repeating myself when it comes to him.

Today is a slow day....real slow apparently! Last night I went in the spare room to lie down because (weak stomach people stop reading)...when I lie down, the gas starts BLOWING out of me. I think it has something with the bowels being stimulated by me lying on my side--anyway, every night it's the damned same thing--GAS GAS we learned to yell in the Army (but it wasn't THIS kind of gas they were referring to)...and Sandy can't stand it. I mean it really, really even bothers me.

So last night I got up and went to the spare room...I laid there in my bathrobe and a blanket over me--blowing out the gas. I figured I would get that job done and then I would go back to bed. Which is exactly what happened....except I didn't wake up until 5AM!!! I went back to bed, in my bed.

Bubbles and Truman got up to go do their thing at their usual time...Sandy got up with them. I slept and slept. Sandy came back to bed and every once in awhile Bub would get up and we would convince her to go back to sleep. I did get up with her once and then we went back to bed.

Sandy finally got up and checked the clock--it was 12:30!!!! I guess we both needed to sleep! Sandy has been exhausted lately and all the work she did, driving that John Deere must have tuckered her out, the poor dear.

So today we are slugs. Catching up on the shows we've recorded on the DVR--Survivor; Friday Night Lights; Amazing Race; and now we are watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Sorry to all of you working stiffs who had to get up and go out in the rain to go to work! I feel your pain!

I am feeling peppier and peppier (is that really a word?) and I think things are really going to be on the upswing from now on. The hair is coming in faster than Sandy thought it would...the taste buds are working again---I just made homemade pizza--with really good pepperoni; cheese; anchovies; onions and sun dried tomatoes....yum! I could taste it all!

Just after I wrote that I got up to get another slice of pizza and I could feel the damned fatigue hit again! Oh well...back to the drawing board. I will say that I have more "energetic" moments during the day....and the amount of time I have this energy is growing. I still "hit the wall" every day, but it's all okay...I can see the light.....



SueBear said...

It's important to have heroes. A life devoid of heroes would be missing something very special.

Marieps said...

Bob is one of my heroes too although I can't say I've patterned my life after his. More the opposite probably!