Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

HAPPY EASTER, ANNIE! That's an inside joke in my family. 'nuff said.

Woke up this AM to the sound of a smoke alarm chirping upstairs. Suffice it to say, it was scaring the dogs, so I let them out and then brought them back in....and I climbed up and disconnected the alarm in the hall. Just as I get it unplugged and am struggling to open the door for the back-up battery--I hear the one in the big spare bedroom chirping! Oh well...I get down from my perch and go get the one from the bedroom off the wall.

I take them downstairs and pry them open with a screwdriver. Of course they squeal as I remove tht batteries. I go back upstairs and get back in bed.

I can hear the damned things still chirping downstairs, even though I removed the batteries! Bubbles climbs all over my head and then pees all over the pillows. I get back up, remove the pillow cases and the sheets--while I'm at it...throw them in the washer and start it up.

I drag out clean sheets and change the bed...which is when I spy Truman, cowering in the corner near the attic door---the poor guy is still afraid of the chirping sounds.

I go back downstairs and put the alarms in the garage---where the dogs can't hear them anymore.

I come back up---call Sandy and leave her a message to pick up batteries--lots of them--on her way home--I'm assuming all of the batteries have to be replaced and I think we have at least six alarms in this house! I go back to bed--it's 6:15 by this time---Bubbles climbs right under the covers--she's happy. Truman is still worried and he comes around the other side of me...very odd--he usually stays on just one side...up against my back. He sat there looking around for a long time...then I finally convinced him he was all right and he laid down.

Sandy tell me she was just leaving WalMart--where she had gone to get the batteries--she was en route to the house and would be there soon. I'm like..."why is she telling me this?

She says..."so I'll be there in a minute so you can get them out of the garage and let them out."

I'm like "WHAT?" Then I realize she thought I put the DOGS IN THE GARAGE!!! As if I would do that! I was laughing so hard. I tell her, "no I put the SMOKE ALARMS in the garage!"

So then she says, "where are they, on the floor?" Again, I'm "WHAT!!!??? No....I put them on the freezer." As if I would leave the alarms on the floor so she could run over them.

I told her..."you are tired...just come home and go to sleep!" We were both getting a good laugh out of this miscommunication.

We went to Jean's and Frank's for dinner---awesome! We brought all of the dogs and Nami did well with them...we were concerned as we don't want her jumping around too much on her bad leg, she's not supposed to do that much until May--when we have to start exercising her slowly.

Anyway, the kids hunted for Easter Eggs, if you can believe that one! Each egg had a quarter in it and there was 40 eggs. Taylor found 21 of them, beating Ryan. It was fun watching them--we couldn't believe that they would still want to do that....thought they had outgrown it.

We had a great meal and then we played a card game...I forget the name of's a rummy game--I like rummy games. We had some good laughs with this and I surprised myself by staying up and playing.

Then we took the kids home and came on home ourselves.

Sandy is already up in bed and I'm still typing away...I didn't take a nap today...I'm hoping that helps me sleep tonight.

This week I will start doing the Wii Fit again. My goal is to do it three days this week. Sandy will be my coach. Start up.

Tomorrow Lynne might come for a visit...YAY!

Tuesday I see Dr. Lachance for follow-up.

Wednesday we might take the kids out to eat.

Thursday--day off.

Friday--chemo...but just the "little chemo" or maybe NO CHEMO at all---keep your fingers crossed that's how it goes--I don't get chemo any more--unless I really need it.

Saturday and Sunday we have our agility club's trial at the Chester Fairgrounds. Come on down and see great dogs run agility....but don't bring your dog--unless it's's a small area and we can't have extra dogs running around. I'm hoping I can make it through the whole weekend. It will be quite the challenge for me.

Wish me luck! :)

Nighty night!
Posted by Ann Miller at Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Marieps said...

That was funny about the dogs and the smoke alarms! Hard to believe they'd be afraid of that chirping!

Everything crossed that you don't have to do chemo.

Sox suck already.