Sunday, April 5, 2009

Semi Final Sunday

The work crew--Mark, Sandy, Jean and Frank

Frank "pulls down" tree..while Jean watches from safe distance.

Mark, taking down 2 cedars on the side of the house by Cliff and Cathy's.

I am commiting blogging while the game is still in progress. I think it's safe to say the Huskies are going to win---they are up by 25 points!

I was so nervous about this game--Deanna called and said she keeps reminding herself "we have Maya and they don't"....and we also have Renee

and Tina and KG and Tiffany! Tina sure is doing a great job....better than last year! She and Appel have been battling all night and Tina is really doing a wonderful job on her.

I had a little burst of energy today and decided to push it for a few hours---you have to start somewhere, right? I snuck off to Ocean State and got potting soil, some cool corduroy shirts, a sweatshirt and one of those anti-gravity chairs (for the deck). I loaded the car myself, headed home and got busy potting plants.

I had picked up some herb seeds the other day. I consulted with Carol about planting them in the ground or in pots. We decided I could plant them all in pots. So, that's what I did--parsley; basil (two types); cilantro; and chives. I have rosemary too... but I am not sure if I will plant them in pots...I think I'll put them out in the garden somewhere...if Sandy will give me some space.

Anyway I hauled the wheelbarrow around, potted plants, filled the bird feeders, put the plants up in the cellar under the famous grow lights we have down there....and then came in the house, made myself a soup and sandwich lunch and collapsed in the recliner.

Linda Blake called from great to hear her voice, although I had to tell her that she has a bit of a southern drawl to her speech...which surprised her. We had a great chat--they hope to be home in time for her to join us when we go out later in the month. Here's wishing them a safe voyage home! Linda admitted she's ready to be home. I can't imagine what it's like living on a boat for that long of a time....I'll bet it's fun but scary sometimes too.

Mark came over with his chainsaw, joining Frank who brought his chainsaw--between them they cut down four of those nasty cedar trees--the ones that are choking out the other trees. Frank cut back all the grape vines that were all over a tree near the shed. There are still more cedars that neeed to go, but it looks so good out there already! Jean raked and Sandy hauled the branches and cut tree trunks with her John Deere--she was very happy.

I took pictures of the work and workers..I tried to upload them in a way that makes sense...but Blogspot does whatever the hell it wants to put up with all the unexplained images!

I know it's going to rain tomorrow--too bad...I really enjoyed the sun today--but I know that it's not ALL about me--just most of it--HA HA!

The sun will come out again...soon.

In the meantime--tomorrow the Sox play the Rays--Beckett on the mound---Tuesday UConn will play Louisville for the National Championship.

Let it is GOOD!!!

BTW.... my sense of taste is back and my hair is really starting to grow! WHOOPEEE!!!
Nighty Night!

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Carol/Jim said...

WOW, your hair and taste both coming back so soon! You are ndeed blessed! Jim is shaving now and says he is never cutting his hair again, ugh!!