Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Watched the guys win a big one yesterday...they are in the Final Four! Now I'm watching the women try to make it to the Elite Eight. So far they are down three points...and Tina has two fouls...has to sit. Not good....but I have complete faith in them.

Something that is of the chemo drugs has effected my sense of taste. I noticed it last time, but this time it's more pronounced. It won't last..should wear off...but it's rotten in the meantime. Last night we had a wonderful meal.....filet mignon, mashed potatoes, spinach...and all of it tasted rather blah....a disappointment. Last time it lasted about a day or so...this time it's still hanging in there. is on again....I'll be back.

Back...UConn losing by largest deficit of the season...I'm still not worried.

Anyway...went shopping yesterday with Lynne. We met at Coldwater Creek...I was flying high on the cortisone--didn't really sleep Friday night and felt great Saturday AM. Anyway, we got some nice stuff on sale, including size 10 pants for me! I had just bought size 12 there a month or so ago and Roxie pointed out that they were too big on me! I'm sure that as I get further out from chemo I'll put more weight on...but for right now it's nice to have pants that look nice on me.

After we shopped we went to Panera Bread for lunch. I had never been there before. I liked it and will have to go back when I can taste things better.

Then Lynne headed home and I did too and then found myself at Kohl's! I got a nice hot pink jean jacket, some bras and a pair of sandals. The sandals are the wrong size...I have to exchange them. The bras DO fit me--unlike my old ones which were too big.

Okay...Huskies are proving me right...they're back.

Jean came up to stay with me last night and made the aforementioned great steak meal...that I couldn't taste. She is so sweet to come and stay with me. Sandy doesn't want me getting up in the middle of the night and going up and down the stairs without someone Jean comes and stays on the off-chance that the dogs will need to go out....or I need help. This will be the last weekend she has to do this, hopefully. When I switch to the one drug only chemo sessions I shouldn't have these reactions.

One reaction I am having from the one drug is high blood's not super high...but it is in the range where my pressure used to be when they put me on drugs....and I am getting the headaches. I asked Dr. Lachance about getting on meds again for this. and he said he will have to check the protocol for the clinical trial. Hey, it wouldn't bother me if I had to withdraw from the trial! I didn't say that to him. Maybe there is some medical value to me continuing in the trial and getting the medication. Maybe I won't even get the medication in this part of the trial. So many variables.

I love Facebook. I found some more relatives (Leavstroms) through Facebook. I have tentative plans to meet two of who lives in New Haven and one who lives in VT, but who comes down here every six weeks to visit her siblings who are in a nursing home in Meriden. Their grandfather was my grandfather's brother. They have information about the family tree; family photos, including pictures of the family home in Sweden; and information about other relatives living in Sweden.

It is all very interesting and exciting. They are excited too, about learning more about our family.

It's raining and I love it. Yesterday was so nice and warm...I loved riding in the new car with the windows down. I sat in the driveway and programmed the bluetooth feature for the phone.

I also discovered something that was a disappointment. The car is "satellite capable" but doesn't have a satellite receiver or antenna installed! That's an extra $400 something. Sandy is kicking herself for not noticing and getting it included in the deal. She says she's going to get it for me....I don't know how she can afford it, but I won't argue...she's into getting me things lately...I think it's cause she's glad I'm not going to die! Well...not yet anyway! You know what I mean. So, it looks like I'll be getting that satellite after all.

Tomorrow I get to go to work for the first time since October! We are having a Patient Instructor training session and Charmine and I are going to go. Sandy will drive me up to Charmine's and will pick me up later. I can't wait to see everyone...I have missed them (and the work) so much! They are such good people.

Okay, it's half time now and I am going to close my eyes for awhile.



Audge said...

Ha, ha! You have bras that are too big for you, who would have thought!!! Hope your sense of taste comes back soon!

SueBear said...


I guess it can't all be wonderful!!! LOL

Kara'sMom said...

The taste buds will come back. It's because the chemo is wiping out some fast-growing good cells, like in the mouth and stomach, while it is killing the "bad guys." There was a time in 1982 when Kara thought strawberry ice cream tasted salty, and all she would eat for 2 months was McDonald's fish sandwiches. Whatever works!