Sunday, March 29, 2009

Later Sunday predicted..right after the Huskies won I crashed. This is how it has been going in the days after chemo...I'm flying high Friday night and Saturday, crash Saturday night and Sunday and then am fairly steady for Monday.

I figured out that maybe we can purchase the Sirius satellite tuner and antenna and have it installed cheaper at Best Buy. We'll compare how much they charge to what Toyota charges....I bet Best Buy wins.

We just decided what would be a good day(s) to go get my new glasses ordered. Wednesday or Thursday. I'm postponing my dental hygienist appointment for rest up. I'm nervous about getting work done when I'm under the influence of chemo, so I will wait on that.

So, now I eat my shepherd's pie, with lots of pepper, salt and seasoning on it....a side salad with Robusto Italiano dressing...strong...on it....hoping to kick start my taste buds. With all those spices, I can taste "something" on my food. I hope I get to taste again soon...this is very disconcerting.

Off to bed early...that two and a half hour nap didn't put a dent in my tiredness....and then big day tomorrow.

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