Friday, March 27, 2009

ANN MILLER! You have won A NEW CAR!!!!!

Looks good parked in the driveway.


GPS/4 disc changer/AM/FM/Satellite

Big tires.....sweet!

This sez it all.....

The front view
I rode in the back seat I always do when I go to chemo with
Sandy and Jean. Very comfy and I like the new climate control in the back!
Love this car. I have to get mudflaps though, to protect my baby from
bad road stuff!


Marieps said...

Love the interior-I could live there! Hee, hee!

Carol & Jim said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love the color and the interior is ao classy! Enjoy!!

Audge said...

Amilla rules!!! Oh, wait, I'm not an Amilla anymore :(

SueBear said...

Bravo! C'est tres magnifique!

Janet said...

Nice Car!!