Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday before the Final Four

Lazy day today...we were slugs, just sitting in our respective recliners, catching up on "Little People, Big World" shows that we had recorded. I don't think we even got out of bed until 10am...even the puppies wanted to stay in bed!

Finally about 2pm we roused ourselves out of our stupor and went down to Walmart to get glasses for me. They have a limited selection of frames...but they take the insurance Sandy has for eye we went there. I picked out a nice pair of Christy Brinkley frames...a rose color...and got the progressive and transition lenses with anti-glare and scratch resistant treatment....all for about a $150 less than the last time I got glasses (which were only bi-focals). Now they will send in the insurance papers so I get reimbursed for at least the frames and part of the lenses! Good deal! I like the way they look on me...I haven't had colored frames for YEARS!

I'll get them next Thursday or Friday...can't wait! Now I'm excited about the frames and the fact that I will be able to see better!

As Sandy went up to pay the guy for the glasses, I "hit the wall"....I could barely get up from the chair and walk out to the car. Came home and went up to bed.

Then Sandy decides to get all busy, dusting, vacuuming upstairs, washing the floors, etc. I'm lying there and there's all this work going on around me. Finally she finished and took Bubbles and Truman to the barn for agility class, leaving Lily and me home alone...and quiet.

I got up and did some more loads of wash and changed the sheets on the bed---that will surprise her....she told me not to do it...she would take care of it when she got home. Hey, I had the energy then...why not do it?

Heard from Pam today. She said they saw a pileated woodpecker on their weekly Audobon walk. I can't wait to be able to join her on the walk! Soon.....soon.

That's what I keep telling myself....soooooon.

Hey, Ocean State Job Lot is having a huge sale on brands at GREAT prices! If you don't have a kayak...I highly recommend that you get one...or two. So easy to use, so much fun and you can join us when we finally get out on the water!

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

Gee, and they only start at $300!!! LMSAO