Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to "work"

Went to work today, for an inservice. Sandy drove me up to Charmine's in the new car...which went over the 200 mile mark while we were en route. Charmine drove us to UConn and we ate in the cafeteria, joined by of our co-workers.

The meeting/inservice was interesting and fun. Lots of folks there, including my pals, Jan, Anna and Rosalinda. It was so good to see everyone. I was tired at the end...good thing I had consumed a "five hour energy" drink prior to leaving for Charmine's!

Charmine brought me home as she had to make a trip to Kohl's anyway. Saved Sandy a trip to Colchester.

Now I'm watching Louisville play Maryland. Rooting for Louisville...I'd like to see them make the Final Four.

I think I'll watch the second half from bed. When Sandy comes home from class with Lily (Rally-O class tonight) I'll head upstairs. I need the sleep....very tired now.

Nighty night!

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