Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Have to admit right off the bat that I'm not feeling the greatest. I'm having lots of side effects and I'm hoping they wear off soon! Nothing is overwhelming, but the combination of things is very wearing and leaves me feeling "icky" most of the time. I continue to be amazed at how exhausted I get from doing nothing!

Heard from Cindy down in Virginia, her surgery went well...but she's hurting now that she's home. I can relate! I feel for her, I have all kinds of help and she's down there alone. She should have someone staying with her and looking out for her. Keep her in your thoughts please and send those good vibes her way!

Very happy the Huskies won and both teams are in the Final Four...very exciting times! I think Mark and Carol will be coming over Saturday night to watch the guy's game and I invited Barb and Mary to come watch the final game on Tuesday...if the women make it past Stanford. I'm very nervous about Stanford to be honest. This is the team that had me worried from the day they had the Selection Show.

Sandy made a nice chicken dinner for us and I could taste most of it...hopefully my taste buds are recuperating already from the chemo. I can't get used to the strangeness of how things taste now. I don't WANT to get used to it, truth be told!

Jean and Frank came up yesterday and did a lot of work in the yard. Frank fixed the lights out front...found out that one of the connections wasn't sealed and when it would get damp, the lights would go out. Jean blew leaves out of the plants out front and bagged up three huge bags of them. Frank put together the stake body for Sandy's cart on the tractor. Now she can haul more stuff in the cart, the sides will hold it in.

For my part, I went out and laid on the chaise on the deck. It was wonderful out warm, the sun shining down on my bald head. I wanted to take off my shirt and sit out there in my bra, but I figured Sandy would get upset so I didn't. I just lifted my shirt and exposed my bare belly...maybe it will help the scar from my surgery. It felt great being out there and I stayed out there for quite some time.

When I came in...I felt sick and went up to bed. I was having chest pains and Sandy got concerned that it was my heart...I was pretty sure it was gas. She took my pulse and blood pressure--which was a little up...but not bad. I was having trouble falling asleep...the pain kept coming and going. Then I got my answer.....gas, gas, gas.....I let it fly and felt SO MUCH better. I was able to sleep after that!

Life is a gas.

Nighty night!

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