Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Got up at 6am and we were on the road about 7:15...not too bad, we had planned on leaving at 7!

Dawn was already there at the yacht club when we arrived. I almost didn't recognize her...I was looking for her Toyota pickup and she is sitting in a snazzy looking BMW two seater! WOO HOO!!

We went out on the dock and I immediately spotted two mature bald eagles circling in the distance! YAY!

We never saw any up close and the time (two years in a row) that we had a golden eagle fly right over our heads, but we did spot quite a few birds, including one on the "new nest" that sat there for a long time, we assume it was a female.

We went upriver to the Pettipaug Yacht Club and saw one far off in the then we were getting cold, Dawn especially, so we took her back to her car and we headed north to the ferry landing...Dawn headed to Old Saybrook.

Sandy and I checked out the action at the ferry landing in Chester...there was no action and then we hit the little restaurant up the road at the junction of Rte 82. I got a ham and cheese on some nice mult-grain bread...she got chicken salad. We went down to Eagle Landing and parked there, looking across the river at the Opera House and the airport...we spotted an eagle way up in the clouds there. We also spotted some people taking their potbellied pig for a walk! It was so cute, wearing a maroon coat to keep warm. I took some pictures of it and may post them here or on my Facebook page.

Then it was off for home, listening on the radio to the UConn guys play Seton Hall, as we drove. When we got home I was unloading the car while Sandy sent the dogs out. I was just coming back into the garage from getting the mail and I hear her say that Truman caught a squirrel.

Such excitement! He dropped the poor, dead thing when Sandy asked him to...and she held him as I raced a stick of string cheese to her. She gave him cheese as a prize for dropping the squirrel, but everytime she let him go and tried to pick up the squirrel, he would grab it again! I lured him with cheese, giving her a chance to get the pooor, dead thing (as it will now be known) into a plastic store bag. Then she thought it would be a good idea to show him where the squirrel was, so he would "understand." Sure enough, he grabbed the poor dead to be known as "pdt" out of the bag!

What a comedy of errors! I wasn't laughing however, I was feeling pretty sorry for the "pdt" and went into the house in disgust, trying to ignore the fact that Sandy was showing Truman how she was putting the bag with said "pdt" into the garbage can.

Of course, now everytime Truman goes into the garage, he runs to the garbage can and you have to holler at him to get his ass into the house!

All that said, I give the old boy credit...I can't believe he ACTUALLY caught a squirrel!

The poor dead thing.

I cleaned the bathroom, wiped down the appliances and dusted downstairs while Sandy was vacuuming upstairs. I did my part. Now I will lie down for a nap.

Oh..."Oh Brother Wherefore Art Thou?" is on this afternoon. That is an AWESOME movie...and they give it only 2 stars! What the hell are they thinking??? I have the soundtrack to that movie and I love singing along with it...the music is so twangy! Just the way I like my country music.....all nice and twangy.

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SueBear said...

Whenever you "talk" about country music I have to smile. I remember a rather scathing review of the genre by a certain someone who shall remain nameless. LMAO