Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Still tired...tired of being tired. "nuff said!

Got a call today from a UConn professor, asking if I would be willing to work Monday the Storrs campus...doing training on the physical...the interview part. They wanted Patient Instructors who have a "more complex medical history" than other PIs.

I almost laughed aloud at that one! It wasn't that long ago that my medical history was a lot less complicated.

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get up to UConn....they want to meet at Kathy John's beforehand, to plan what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. I'm not sure I will be up to driving myself up and back....and doing the class.

So, if there's anyone out there who would like to take a trip to Kathy John's, late Monday afternoon and sit in a med school class from 6-8pm and give me a ride home afterwards, let me know! HA HA!! I'm sure I'll have LOADS of takers for that one! Sandy can't take me because she has class with Lily at 6pm. I'll be willing to bet she's not going to be too happy about me taking this gig...but this is good for get back to work.

Tomorrow we have the eagle count on the river. I will rest up in the car as much as I can...but I do plan to get out and get as close as I can when we spot something! When I'm feeling better, I have to take Trudy and my Dad (but not necessarily at the same time) down to the river to see the eagles. Trudy has NEVER seen them and my Dad hasn't seen them in a long time.

Well...I've been up since 10's 2pm now..time to go back up and take a nap!

Nappy nap....

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Donovan would love to take you to Kathy Johns, he'd give his left arm, if only it were possible! He was shocked they are still in business after all these years.