Friday, February 13, 2009

Cooler Heads Prevail

Change # 68...Sandy gets up from her sleep and reminds me that there is no way I can go do the UConn job. Monday is smack dab in the middle of my "period of confinement," when my immunities will be so low that I have to avoid "the public."

So, I called the professor back and told him "no can do." I hope he finds someone else, but he shouldn't have waited until Friday to call me about a job on Monday, now should he??

I find that some of these professor/doctor types are not always on the ball about the timing of things and planning ahead.

It's too bad, really....Sue was going to give me a ride and I was looking forward to getting "back in the saddle again"...alas, it is not to be.....this time.

Let's see if the guy gets his messages...I had to leave a voice mail for him. If he still calls me tomorrow as planned, he's in BIG TROUBLE! Oh well...that will teach him.

Sandy made a nice steak dinner, with stuffed potatoes (cheesy) and peas. I top it off with my favorite...V8. Now that's a meal!

Looking forward to watching "Friday Night Lights"...the best show on Friday nights....and then turning in early...we want to be on the road by 7am tomorrow..heading to Essex and the eagles!


Anonymous said...

Did you know Kathy Johns closed forever last Saturday? I heard it was so packed on Friday you couldn't get close to the door!
Jim & Carol

Ann Miller said...

Jim! Say it ain't so! That guy DID NOT check his messages and he called me tonight! I broke the news to him that I can't work Monday AND I told him what you said about Kathy John's!

He had no clue! I think he's kind of a UConn professor-ish kind of way....