Sunday, February 15, 2009

Idle thoughts.

The period button on my laptop isn't working---this will be interesting, no ending punctuation to sentences--oh well, I could end each with an exclamation point--as I am wont to do! SEE?

* I was lying in bed, feeling my abdomen, as I find myself doing frequently in the past few months---and I feel and SEE this huge bump there--about the size of the palm of my hand--right above where my stomach is---slightly to the left of mid-line, above the navel (insert period here)

Just as I'm getting ready to holler to Sandy to come-look-and-tell-me-what-the-hell-is-it? When it suddendly "reduced" itself completely and I hear the tell-tale sounds of gas moving through my bowels! It was a huge gas bubble! I have never seen anything like that in my life! It was wild! I know I'm gassy---but this was fantastic!

I hope it NEVER happens again!

* I had more energy yesterday than I've had since my last chemo--I even had trouble falling asleep, stayed up to watch part of SNL and then put Soundscapes Channel on, to lull me to sleep (insert period here)

* The Husky's men's team is looking very good--Thabeet is coming on strong, just at the right time--Monday's night vs Pitt will show just how good they are (insert period here)

* Charmine and Pat just dropped by en route to Worcester, to deliver the t-shirt Charmine exchanged for me--I immediately put it on in anticipation of today's Think Pink game at 3:30. WOW!! The period button just worked!

* Charmine said "I do" to the guy from UConn and will be teaching the class Monday night (it's not working again, so insert period here)

* I can say enough how much I hate VISTA--this week it again sent out blank "replies" before I could type anything and again, the person thought I was making fun of them! I had to explain what happened. They should give us Windows XP for free! I'm sure VISTA is to blame for my non-functioning period button! I'm sure the foodstuff that is stuck under the button has NOTHING to do with it....there it's back....temporarily I'm sure (insert period here)

* Whatever happened to Lyle Lovett? Where did he go?

* I think that if I apply myself to the task, I could become a rather good cook (insert yada yada) I have been watching a bunch of cooking shows lately and am intrigued (insert) When I'm feeling better I will start applying myself--Sandy and Jean have been doing all the cooking for the last few months---I at least owe them that!

* Dorothy Wallace makes me fudge that is as good, if not better than the fudge my brother Ernie used to make--and I don't have to beg her to make it, like we used to have to beg EE.

* I'm going to ignored the damned period button, I've given it too much attention already, maybe it will get tired of this little game and will start co-operating (maybe not)

* I have almost hit the magic 100 # of friends on Facebook---not too bad for someone who isn't in school, working or doing anything meaningful! If you want to be my friend on Facebook (where I have put a lot of pictures and other neat stuff....hint..hint)...feel free! I'm easy..well, in that regard!

* I live in a nice house, surrounded by mice, apparently (PERIOD) Sandy found two in traps today, one in the cellar, the other one up in the attic. It's so nice to know that the little critters love our home (period) I'm going to insist that we have a professional exterminator come and give Murphy a hand...and maybe figure out how the hell they are getting into the house!

I mean, I love Mickey as much as the next guy, but these mice aren't wearing cute pants and making millions!

* Looking forward to covering the PC UConn game on Wednesday night, Sandy will be the photographer and I'll be doing the game story (P!) That's about the biggest thing on the agenda for next week.

* Now this punctuation problem is starting to drive this old english teacher nuts, so I will sign off.

GO HUSKIES BEAT PITT (Women today...guys tomorrow)


rdidculous queen's mom said...

Oops, I spelled ridiculous wrong. Whatever. I finally figured out how to get on here. I am another faithful follower.Kara and I will be at the men's game in Hartford tonight. Look for a white Husky hat, pompoms and a wheelchair. Oh, here --.........................
We are happy to hear you are doing well, and that you appear to be getting the "right stuff", chemo-wise. We have experience with new drugs, since Kara was one of the very first patients to get Cisplatinum, in 1982, when she was 3, and was the first patient ever to survive the kind of cancer she had, pinealblastoma. Know that good thoughts and prayers are going your way, every day. Love you, girl.
Becky, Bobb and Kara Grillo

Ann Miller said...

Beki, I WILL look for you! Lucky ducks, getting to be at that game...the biggest one of the year!

I didn't know that about Kara...she is a brave woman! And, you are too...for going through those hard times. Look how it's turned out! Inspirational!

See you soon...see the period works just fine today.