Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tired Tuesday!

I am surprised that I am still this tired. Went to bed at 9:30...slept pretty good and got up at 9:30....still tired.

Sandy is staying home with me tonight. She's afraid I might try to get up with the dogs if they need to go out....which I'm pretty sure I can do...she just doesn't want me to do it. Jean was going to come up...but then Taylor and Ryan got sick and she had to go to get Taylor at school.

I don't want to get sick...so Jean, who has now been exposed to the illness...whatever it is....can stay in Waterford, thank you very much!

Sandy went shopping and to the post office to return the Tilley hat I bought...too small. She's going to pick up white rice and egg drop soup for me from the Chinese place downtown. That is becoming one of my post-chemo meals it seems. Bland bland bland

I did lie in bed and watch Obama's press conference last night...and Young Frankenstein was on another channel...I got to see most of my favorite quotes! That is my all-time favorite movie and I've seen it close to 30 times now! I do own my own copy on DVD too.

Sandy wanted me to go upstairs before she left...she thinks I can't do stairs now? I told her I would stay downstairs until she comes home...but I really want to go take a nap now. So, I'll shuffle up there, slowly and carefully and be happy to sink into that comfy, king-sized bed, have my little Bubbles dog snuggle up next to me under the covers and go to sleep.

Maybe I'll post more later...maybe about A-Roid, maybe not. Right now Bubbie is on my lap, with a Canada Goose stuffed toy in her mouth and it's blocking my laptop screen! I have to keep moving the goose's head to see what I'm typing! See, I can handle that without Sullenberger's help....I'm doing all right!

Later I hope.

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