Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Later Tuesday

Well...I slept for a few hours, got up and ate and am now watching the doggies at Westminster. Always one of our favorite shows. Of course, the Russells never win nothin'!

Carol is down there and Porter's relatives made it pretty far in the lab class. Porter does well at confirmation...maybe someday he will be in "The Big Show!"

This was the year I was hoping to make it to NYC for the show, going with Carol and Mark....not to be...this year. Next year we'll go. I've never been. Sandy went with them a couple of years ago and had a great time. Now we will look for Carol in the crowd.

Tomorrow I have to get up and go to get my blood work done. I hope I have more energy by then. Maybe I should add an iron test to my blood work....maybe I'm anemic again. I doubt it though...the way this came on it seems that it's directly related to the chemo.

Congrats to my buddy Mike DiMauro...who won the Best Sportswriter Award from his peers...for the third year in a row. I emailed him to congratulate him and he was so nice, inquiring about my health and giving me his cell phone number, in case I ever need anything! How sweet is that!

So many people have been so nice to me during "my period of confinement"....it's really been special to me. BTW...I have to come up with some term to describe this episode of my life...I'll entertain suggestions....

The Clumber Spaniel is SO CUTE!!! I love that face! I wouldn't have a spaniel though, unless I had a pond, pool or lake for them to swim in. We have the right kind of yard for the dogs we have....lots of nooks and crannies for the Russells to explore, dig in, loads of little animals to keep them occupied; rocks to sniff around; etc. They can't get into trouble and yet they are occupied!

The dogs I seem to be naturally attracted to: the Staffordshires; the labs; the Russells; PBGVs; the affenpinscher; the Swedish Valhund; the Nova Scotia Tolling dog.....oh, there are SO MANY I am attracted to!

Pitchers and Catchers report next week I think....Life is GOOD!

I sign off on that note....nighty night!


Anonymous said...

Hi There, Its Carol & Jim in TN. I love the dog show too and always watch it, I have a Bichon (clipped shorter than show style) and I love him. Would love to see some photos of your doggies! Feel better soon!! Dogsrule!

SueBear said...

Suggestions, eh?

"The Ovarian Chronicles" (too much SciFi channel?)

"Ova" (too much PBS?)

"Finding Chemo" (okay, I've watched way too many movies)

Now on a serious note, cause I can do that too...despite all the suggestions you will get, it is you who must name this time with the feeling, determination distinctive experience that is yours alone. Perhaps calling upon those Mohegans (was that the tribe?) whose aid you seek in the task of defeating this enemy within will provide the answer you seek.

It's definitely time for me to go to bed. LOL

Marieps said...

Dogs I'm attracted to: pugs, schipperkes, shiba inus, yes-clumbers, norfolk/norwich terriers. No spaniels!

Marieps said...

Except the clumber and Sussex.....

Never mind!