Monday, February 16, 2009

All Buttons Working

This morning I took Lily and Bubbles out for a walk. Now mind you, it was only for 15 minutes, but it was the first time I've been for a walk with them since October!

I did feel weak when we first started out, but I told myself I had to 'get over it" and off we went, with me feeling better and stronger as we went. I did get a bit winded coming up the hill on the way back...Lily wasn't helping me by pulling as she does on the way out...when we return, she's not as happy.

I rewarded myself with heating up my left-over calzone from the other night....while that reheated I did the busy I am!

Then I sat in the recliner with a sleeping Bubbles on my lap...and Lily passed out in exhaustion on her bed....and enjoyed the feeling of getting some good air exchange in my lungs and stretching my legs.

Heard from some old pals through Facebook today...a new surprise. I am enjoying does help me keep up with family and friends. I even got Birgitta to join today! I wonder if she knows what she is getting into. I should tell her to post entries in Swedish and fool everyone!

Just watched the "Why We Love Cats and Dogs" show that we recorded last night on public television. It was neat seeing two people we know on the show, Dr. Dodman, who is Lily and Bub's behavioral doctor and Alisa Bobinski who was running her cat through the agility course...AMAZING!

I think I'm going to put that program on dvd to save it.

Big Game tonight for the Huskies....the men's team. They play Pitt...their biggest competition thus far. This game has so much on the line.

I may sneak over to Lily's Rally-O class tonight with Sandy....but I have to wear my mask. Don't want to get any doggie or people germs on me! I haven't seen Rally-O at I don't really know what to expect. I might bring the camera to video it. I hear that Lily loves the class so much she prances like a Lippanzer stallion....according to what Carol says. Carol takes the class with Porter.

I may take another, longer walk with the dogs tomorrow. I'll see if I can just take Bubbles though...Lily pulls me a bit too fast for my liking on the way out...and on the way back home I have to almost drag her at times. She hates this house so, I guess!!!


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