Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wednesday...On Tuesday

Since tomorrow is going to be busy, with no time for posting...and today is all quiet...I'll do tomorrow's posting today! Make sense?

Have to go to L&M for 8am tomorrow to see Dr. Lachance. Then we will be going over to Jean's for a bit, then up to Backus for my bloodwork. I'm hoping I get another good report on my last CA125 test when I see Dr. Lachance. Whatever it is...I'll post it next time.

Then we go home and I take a nap. We get up and go to Providence College for the UConn PC game at 7pm. Sandy will be doing the photos, I'll be doing the game story. First time in a long time that we will have worked together on a game!

It's supposed to be snowing by game time. We will take Sandy's car...although the snow isn't going to amount to much...and the Camry is decent in the snow.

When we get home I'll write up my story and send Sandy's good photos off to Mike for sportspage. If it comes out decently, I'll post a link here so you can check them out!

Then I have to print out my investment stuff...we have a meeting with the financial advisor on Thursday AM...I want him to look at how my stuff is distributed and see if I need to make changes. I also want to talk with him about withdrawing $$ to buy a new car.

Taylor had surgery on sinuses today. The doctor said she had a "really bad deviated septum" which he corrected and that the sinuses above her eyes (?) were horribly infected. Poor kid, she should feel a whole lot better now that this has been corrected! She's been having wicked headaches and of course, was all stuffed up...all the time. It's because her sinuses weren't draining at all...the tubes were deformed or too small.

I hope to go with Sandy on Thursday after the meeting to sit with Taylor. She will probably be miserable for a few days....I had surgery just for a deviated septum and I remember how that felt!

Now I'm off to take a shower and then to bed.

Nighty night!

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