Friday, February 20, 2009

Freaky Friday

Went to Marie Aulenti's funeral this afternoon in Niantic. Saw Ellen, who had been so faithful to Marie; Diane, Judy and Molli-who I didn't recognize, she's lost so much weight!

On my way home I stopped by Lazizah....hoping to get soup...but they were all out. Bummer! I had spinach salad with white beans, tomato and lemon/garlic and olive oil dressing. Apparently the garlic was really strong as Sandy smelled it before she got downstairs after I got home!

A few minutes later I had to admit that the garlic was a mistake as I locked myself in the bathroom...where I stayed on and off the rest of the afternoon, early evening. It has finally stopped, but it's taken a few Imodium pills to get to this place! Good old Imodium...I'm going to buy stock in that company.

Speaking of stock, I made the call to ING to initiate my first withdrawal. They emailed me the paperwork and I printed it out and will have it in the mail tomorrow. I hope to get the money by the first of the month and send Sandy out car shopping for me. Then I'm getting my money the hell out of ING and into something that I have more control over---and can contribute to.

It will be great to have my credit cards paid off and only one bill--a small car payment, for a change. I think I'll throw a party to celebrate!

Sandy goes to the first agility trial of the year tomorrow...and I'll be sleeping late! Roxie and Virginia will be here for lunch...we'll decide what we are going to have once they get here. I'll be locking Bubbles up until she calms down and then let her out carefully, on the gentle leader and leash. Have the visitors bribe her with treats and take it from there.

Off to bed I go...hoping that the runs stay away and my stomach settles down. I just have to learn to say no to garlic....but that is so difficult when we are talking Lazizah!

Nighty night!


Audge said...

Tell the girls I said hi!

Audge said...

(ps V probably wont want to anywhere near your dog!)