Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Day After Wednesday

Made it to all my appointments yesterday, except getting my bloodwork done...decided to do that today instead.

Saw Dr. Lachance yesterday and got some more good news! He said at the conference he went to in San Antonio since the last time I saw him, he learned that there are studies that show that the faster your CA125 drops to normal, the less likely you are to have the cancer come back!

I'll take that news! It's funny, because last week I had the thought that the cancer will come back in me. Not that I'm wishing it to happen, mind you, but maybe an acceptance that it could happen. Sandy told me that it was likely to return, because of the "seeding" that had occured in my case-the fact that it wasn't confined to just the ovary.

When she said that, it set me back a bit on my heels. I know that sounds funny as I had just said I thought it might come back...but to have her confirm that possibility was sobering.

Now I get this news from Dr. Lachance...which makes him look like a god all over again!

I know I have a lifetime of frequent rechecks ahead of me...and I will be diligent about going for my check-ups.....but I have confidence that if it does come back, we will catch it quickly and will deal with it harshly! GET OUT! BE OFF WITH YOU! That's the way we'll deal with it. Kick it's ass out the door, again!

Dr. Lachance (he likes it when I mention his name in the I'll work it in as frequently as possible) did a pelvic exam on me yesterday...I had been "dodging it" for the past few visits. I believe he did a pap smear....will be interested in hearing those results. He said he couldn't feel anything abnormal in there....and neither could I, as he was doing it. The last time he did it....the night before surgery, both he AND I could tell that there was something very very wrong going on in there. That hurt like hell and it was definitely CROWDED in there. No such crowding, or pain, this time.

Dr. Lachance and the nurse (who is someone who has had chemo) both told me that my exhaustion after this last round of chemo is normal and is a result of the cumulative effects of the chemo, which is exactly what we figured out ourselves. So, that's another piece of good news. I wonder if it will be better or worse after next Friday's chemo? Whichever, I'll be able to deal with it.

I will see Dr. Lachance again in two weeks...sorry Lynne, it has to be the 4th and not the 11th as he isn't going to be there on the 11th...and I can't do the 18th as that's the day of the Aging Conference, which I have to emcee.

After leaving Dr. Lachance, we went over to Jean's. I stayed there and took a nap (tried to nap...the dogs were driving me nuts, jumping all over me) on the couch, while Jean and Sandy went to see Taylor. We decided I should stay as they have been ill lately, with the flu.

Taylor is doing okay, in some discomfort. They returned at 1:30 and we headed home...stopping at Taco Bell on the way. We ate when we got home and was it awful! I had a taco and a burrito...the taco shell was stale as were two of the three Sandy had. I found some weird thing in the burrito and Sandy's cinammon twists tasted rancid. I wanted to call the manager, just to give him a head's up that he might want to check the shells and change the oil they are frying in...but Sandy didn't want me to. I have never had a bad meal I'm leery...based on one bad experience! See how that happens?

I went up and got my stuff ready for the game and then took a 45 minute nap.

We went to the game through the snow. I had to hike the three flights of stairs and Sandy was on the floor to take the photos. She got on tv a few time I hear...I saw one of the times, when a player ran right into her...they even showed a replay of it!

The cameras gave her problems all camera had something go wrong and all the images were wiped out! The other camera wouldn't work correctly in sports mode and we were so shook up we couldn't think of what to do to correct it---we should have just put it in auto mode...let the camera do all the work! So, suffice it to say there were next to no usable pictures...but we learned from the experience!

I started my game story after 11:30...Sandy had already collapsed in bed. I got almost all the way through the story and was just starting to type up the quotes from off my tape recorder and the document started going nuts! More was jumping all over the someone was hitting the enter button....I hurried up and saved it and shut everything down and went to bed at 12:30...I was exhausted!

We got up at 9 feeling better this AM....we went for my bloodwork--boy were they inhospitable at the lab...everyone in a foul mood. I hate it when people can't at least say "hello, and please and thank you" in a nice way. I try to be polite back at them, but sometimes my "you reap what you sow mode" kicks in, as it started to do today, before I caught myself.

Then we went to the hospital cafeteria to meet with the investment guy. I gave him a copy of my last statement and he is going to do a complete breakdown of my investment funds. He says that I should have more diversity in my funds...I have eight of them now and he recommends about 12-20. I want to take my money out of who I have managing it now and move it to his business, so I can have someone who will consult with me frequently, someone who's pay depends on how well my funds do, someone who will be looking out for me and my needs.

He gave me "permission" to take $$ out to pay off my credit cards and put a good down payment on a new (used) car. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a Camry hybrid. Sandy volunteered to go do the negotiating for me...and I may just take her up on that! She did a good job with the Highlander she bought.

I came home and collapsed for a few felt so good to nap. We were supposed to go see Taylor...but we got out of the app't so late and we both were so tired, we skipped it. Jean was with her and she needs to sleep it was all right.

I finally finished my game article...but it was too long...had to cut out big sections to make the word count work...I'm getting better at that. It worked and I posted it..I haven't heard any complaints from my editor, so I guess it's all right. You can read it here:

Now I can relax...tomorrow I'll see if I can do some housework...Roxie and Virginia will be coming to visit on Saturday when Sandy is at an agility trial with Truman. Want to have the house spiffy for them!

Now I MUST watch Survivor!

Nighty night!

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