Sunday, February 22, 2009

Husky Sunday

I honestly can't remember what I did yesterday...oh well, perhaps Alzheimer's setting least you, my poor reader, are spared all the boring details!

Anne-Marie and her pals picked me up in the mini-van at 11 this morning and we were off to Hartford! I rode with four nurses, so I felt very much at home.

OHMYGOD!!! I just remembered what I did yesterday! Roxie and Virginia came to visit. We got Chinese food to go and chowed down and then had a nice visit. I showed them the Wii Fit and Roxie tried her hand at doing some of the things....she has some work to do....but it isn't hopeless! (I only say the latter because I know she reads this blog from time to time)

We had a great time and I was so happy they came to visit...I wish they lived closer so we could see each other more. I think Roxie will come over when it's kayaking season again....we had a great time kayaking the last time she visited.

Audge, you were wrong, V loved the dogs, and Bubbles even sat on her lap! She loved Bubbies fur.

So, back to today. We went to City Steam and had to wait outside for the place to open. Saw Wendy Evans (sorry I can never remember her married name) there out in the rain, she told me that SHE reads my blog too! I was surprised...she said that Peggy gave her the web address...which I don't mind at all. It just surprises me how many people read this drivel. Every time I turn around there's someone else and their brother who check this place out.

We had to wait over an hour for our meals at City Steam! WOW!! There were 13 of us and a lot of us had faxed our orders in to speed up the process....good thing. We just made it over to the XL Center and into our seats just as they were lining up for the National Anthem. The food was pretty good...I had an appetizer sampler, plus an order of sweet potato fries that Cori and I shared. The sampler had calamari, wings and veggie dumplings--very good!

The game was great....close contest. I had to hike the stairs twice...up to Row P (for Penis--Jack says...when I said "are you saying B for Bravo or D for Delta?") One hike was to get to our seats at the start of the game and the second was after we went down to the concourse at half time to visit with Marie, Don and Cori. The second time really wiped me I was happy to have the chance to sit through the half, but of course, the Huskies mounted their big comeback in the half and we had to keep jumping to our feet to cheer. Oh, and I did the dance during the "I Like to Move It, Move It" intermission...that quickly became The Twist when the timeout was extended. That really left me pooped!

The Huskies won. Good game, Geno will have lots to work on in practice after this game!

Jean and Frank came up today. Jean and Sandy cleaned up the cellar, clearing the way for us to plant seeds and set them up under the plant light system down there. It looks so great!

Frank brought up the carpet cleaner and did the carpet in the looks so good now. I really don't like carpeting in the bath....but right now in winter it is so nice and warm. Down the road we'll put a heating system in the floor (like Birgitta and Mats did in Sweden....but we won't get the same guys working on it!) and have tile put in...or I'll put the tile in myself. I also want to redo the faucets and towel bars/rings in the bathroom AND take that wallpaper off!

But I digress....again. Don't get me started!

Now I will sign off and go up to bed early, lie there and watch the Oscars. I don't usually watch the Oscars, but this year I'm curious. I dunno why, I just am.

Oh, we welcome home Lynne and David who just returned from Mexico....and had a great time!

Nighty night!

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