Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life goes on

Back to the mundane...had to go online today to transfer my $$ and pay my bills. I had $98 left over last month! Shows you how it pays to get ovarian cancer...you don't spend as much on gas as you did the month before! Most of the "extra expenses" last month was paying my $15 copay for all those medical appointments!

Slept from 8:10 last night until about 2..got up and used the toidy and then it was back to sleep until the docs came in for rounds at 6:30! Best sleep I've had in a long time. I mean I would wake and doze..but mostly I slept.

Felt rather ill in the morning after breakfast. I keep getting this slight feeling of nausea, but it passes. Dr. Lachance came to see me twice...so it was a good day.

I caught up on my email this AM, had lunch, which made me feel ill again, met with the dietician, who is going to have them bring me snacks throughout the day to help with my appetite. I told her that when I take the cover off the food plate I groan as the sheer size of the portions are huge! Overwhelming. Sickening.

After lunch I shut off my phone and slept until 4:30...people would come in my room and I would just lie there and they'd leave. So it was a pretty good sleep.

Tomorrow chemo will start. They weighed me tonight so they can figure out the dosage I get. My weight is back down to 166! One pound more than it was in October, before all this started. That is good news, but also a concern. My abdomen is still distended with fluid...so that means that I lost weight in other parts of my body. Maybe when all is said and done I'll be back down to 160 where I was after my bowel obstruction. I liked being that weight.

Dr. Lachance talked to me about my feelings about what's going on...I still haven't had time to take it all in and maybe that is a good thing and maybe it's not. I know I have a very serious illness, I know that the statistics for survival are not exactly the type of odds that one would like to have going for them. But everything has happened so fast, I haven't had much time to think. I'm going on instinct right now and on the counsel from Sandy....which has been a lifeline for me.

The schedule for chemo puts me in a good place to be able to go to the UConn UHART game (thanks to tickets from Marie and Don) and to go to Camp Husky in January...neither event will occur too close to my chemo session.

I don't know how I'm going to react to the chemo...but they say that most people feel fine the first few days after the treatment and then feel very fatigued for a few days after that. They also say that the first chemo treatment is the strongest one, which can make people more sick than subsequent other treatments. It's also the one where they have to tinker to figure out what rate they can pump the chemo in...what I will be able to take.

So, good thoughts tomorrow folks! I'm looking forward to getting this one behind me and getting to the place that Dr. Lachance spoke to me about...when I will have more energy, feel a lot better and can get back to work and into the gym.

Oh...big news! Sandy booked our anniversary cruise! We were going to go to Disney again for our anniversary, but Charmine and Pat are going on an Olivia cruise to Belize next October and we wanted to go. So, today Sandy booked our room...we have a VERANDAH room! That means we can sit out on our verandah, watching the sun go down. I can't wait to go ziplining through the rainforest in Belize! Of course the thought of it now makes me slightly ill...but I'll be raring to go by then!

Nighty night

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